How Latin Americans Celebrate Special Events

By 06 April, 2020

Like Americans and Europeans, Latin Americans have a special way of celebrating special events. One thing is for many Latin American families are large enough to fill a traditional baseball field. Whatever the case may be, these people enjoy celebrations. They will come together to celebrate just about every special occasion imaginable, including births, weddings, birthdays, holidays, and religious practices. If you are not familiar with Latin American traditions, you are in for a treat.

Holiday Celebrations

Latin American families love the holidays, especially Easter, Carnival, Inti Raymi, and El Dia de Los Muertos. All of these holidays call for celebrations and that is exactly what the Hispanics do. It is not unusual for entire neighborhoods to come together to celebrate. In Latin America, holidays are not just about families like American and European traditions. No, it is about big crowds and having fun.

Pinata Rupturing

Just about every Latin American celebration ends with the rupturing of a pinata that is filled to the brim with candy or other special items. From young children to senior adults, everyone takes a crack of busting open the pinata. The fun comes when all the contents fall on the ground, at which time children will scramble about seeing what they can score to take home.

Candle Burning

Many Latin American traditions call for the burning of candles. The candles are generally made of animal fat but most families do not have a preference. It is not unusual to see Hispanics gathered together, holding torches in celebration of special events. One particular event that comes to mind when thinking of Latin Americans lighting candles is La Virgen de Guadalupe. The Virgin of Guadalupe (Virgin Mary) is highly celebrated in Mexico.

Latin American families celebrate Virgen de Guadalupe on December 12 each year. Hundreds if not thousands will gather in religious facilities or in their homes to celebrate the event. To celebrate the Virgin Mary, the people will light candles throughout their neighborhoods and in public areas.

Sing Songs

No one loves music more than Latin Americans. They will sing tunes will working, relaxing around the house, and celebrating special events like Christmas Posadas. A group known as “The Pilgrims” will gather will families, friends, and others to celebrate the special occasion, singing special tunes begging for shelter. This is an important event that is celebrated throughout the country. And, even those living abroad continue the tradition every chance they get.

Dancing In The Streets

Dancing is part of just about every imaginable celebration in Latin American culture. The top traditional dances in Mexico include the Jarabe Tapatio, La Conquista, Danza de Los Viejitos, and Danza del Venado. Each of these dances has unique features that bring old memories back to the surface. When you are not dancing in the streets, you can enjoy online games at Togel Wap.

La Conquista is most popular in the western states of Jalisco and Michoacan even though it is not considered an “indigenous” dance. The dance follows a tragic story of the Spanish conquest. Dancers wearing masks play key roles in the celebration. Several dancers will replicate La Malinche, Moctezuma, and Hernan Cortes until they succumb to their deaths.

Play Musical Instruments

Latin Americans love their musical instruments, utilizing all kinds of special celebrations. The most popular musical instrument in include the conga, Guitarra, trompetas, Tambora, palitos, and panderos. Some individuals prefer the guiro and maracas to these instruments but it really does not matter because it is about producing heartfelt tunes and celebrating.

One particular tradition comes to mind when speaking to the Tambora. The parranda, a tradition of the Peurto Rican culture, calls for large gatherings and hours of celebrating. A group of musicians, playing maracas, tambourines, and guitars, will gather around while others in the crowd will dance and sing.


Latin American traditions call for all kinds of celebrations. Almost everyone joins in on the fun every chance they get. Whether you just enjoy watching or want to join in on the fun, you can do just that because nothing is off-limits. And, everyone is encouraged to get involved in some way or another. Just be present means a lot to these people. And, who would want to be excluded from such wonderful experiences?

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