How Puerto Ricans Are Dealing With The Coronavirus Pandemic

By 07 April, 2020

While Puerto Rico is not technically part of the United States, it is an American “unincorporated” territory. With that said, many Puerto Ricans are reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic in the same manner as Americans. If you are living in Puerto Rico, you are probably still dealing with the damage caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017. And, this is not to mention the earthquakes that rocked the country in January. Below, you will discover how Puerto Ricans are dealing with the coronavirus virus.

Wearing Masks

People throughout Puerto Rico and the United States are wearing surgical masks when venturing outdoors. Government agencies are demanding their employees to comply with strict safety regulations to protect them from COVID-19 contamination. Surgical masks are designed to prevent humans from inhaling contaminants, such as the coronavirus virus.

Wearing Rubber Gloves

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, better known as CDC, the COVID-19 virus can live up to several hours on inanimate objects, such as wood surfaces, toys, shopping carts, door handles, and toilet seats. Wearing gloves will only help so much but these safety devices can help decrease or eliminate some contamination risks.

Puerto Ricans, as well as Americans, are wearing rubber gloves to protect themselves from coming into contact with the virus. Unfortunately, both countries are experiencing shortages of both rubber gloves and surgical masks. Some people are resorting to handcrafting their own safety gear. Companies, such as Prestige Ameritech and Foxconn, have switched up their manufacturing processes to create surgical masks instead.

Staying Indoors More

The Puerto Rican government is calling for its residents to stay at home as much as possible. In the United States, the New York Governor has the state on lockdown. It is expected that other Governors will follow suit in the near future. Governor Andrew Cuomo has also closed the state borders to help prevent contamination of the disease.

People who are not working are encouraged to stay indoors. Only trips to the supermarket are encouraged. It is unclear whether or not every Puerto Rican is complying with these recommendations. But, if it can help save lives, everyone should comply without argument.

Giving Medical Staff Bonuses

The medical staff is the most at risk in the pandemic. Nurses, physicians, CNAs, housekeepers, and staff workers are being exposed to an unknown number of COVID-19 cases every day. To minimize the risks, hospitals throughout Puerto Rico and the United States are providing their medical staff with full safety gear.

In the meantime, the medical staff is being given special bonuses for all their hard work. While some COVID-19 patients are not sick enough to require hospitalization, hospitals are expected to become imploded with new cases on a daily basis.

Know The Risks

As the COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus, people around the world, including Puerto Ricans, are getting to know its many risks. Mainstream and local media outlets are working around the clock to keep the citizens up-to-date on the happenings of the virus. Every citizen is responsible for getting to know the risks. And, since they are supposed to be staying indoors, there is plenty of downtimes to do just that and little else.

Staying Occupied

With so many Puerto Ricans laid off from their jobs, finding things to stay occupied can be challenging. This is especially true for people who do not have access to retail stores that are in operation. All shops and stores selling only non-essential items have been shut to prevent the further spread of the virus. In the meantime, the citizens are struggling to find activities to keep themselves and their families occupied.

What kind of activities can you do indoors? Well, you can play board games, assemble puzzles, knit blankets or throws, watch TV, playing video games online at S128, compete in card games, and surf the Internet.


Puerto Ricans are no different than Americans when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. Staying indoors, safe, and healthy should be on everyone’s agenda. And, for those who are feeling poorly, hydration and rest are crucial. If you are feeling ill, it is not recommended to not appear at your local hospital. Instead, contact your physician via landline to determine what steps to take next. Appearing at the hospital will only put you at risk of exposure which would not be good if you are not sick.

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