How Social Media Influences Marriages and Divorce Proceedings in Latin America

By 10 January, 2020

Social networks in Latin America are a great opportunity to stay in touch with those who are physically far from us, and this is also a source of additional problems. It has long been known that social media is full of pitfalls, and it is imperative to use them wisely. In this article, we suggest you narrow down your research criteria a bit and find out how social platforms can affect Latin-American family, marriage, relationships, and divorces.

The Ways Social Media Affects Marriage

It would seem, what is the interconnection? It would seem, what is the relationship? Social networks are just a means of communication and nothing more, but there is still a relationship between them and divorces. And statistics confirm this – social networks are becoming modern causes of conflicts in the family, which very often end with a divorce packet purchase. Why is this happening?

More Reasons for Suspicion

Modern Latin America is such that a lot of couples met on a social network. For those who are prone to jealousy and seek deception in every word or action, this is a good reason to start suspecting their other half in a virtual relationship with other men or girls. And by the way, this may well be true. However, for some, even one mistrust on the part of the husband or wife is enough to end the relationship, ask for divorce help or start the divorce process on their own using

Virtual Life Instead of a Real One

Very often, users themselves do not notice how the abyss of social networks begins to swallow them. Virtual life replaces real life, and if both spouses live that way, then in general, problems may not even arise. Or they simply will not notice them. But if one of them has remained to live in reality, and the other perceives the world through a virtual prism, then this is sufficient reason for resentment, misunderstanding, and conflict. And very often the only way to return a person from the virtual world is to divorce him or her. True, it will be too late to return everything back.

Great Opportunity to Compare and Feel Envy

Social networks in Latin America, and especially Instagram, are teeming with girls whose appearance meets “modern beauty standards”. They have full lips, large breasts, smooth hips, and an unnaturally thin waist. They hold the last iPhone in their hands, diamonds sparkle in their ears, men give them roses and invite them to expensive resorts. And this causes a feeling of envy, especially for girls who lack self-sufficiency. Someone provides money for these models while an ordinary girl goes to work.

The same thing happens with men. They are sure that someone sees this beauty every day next to them, and their ordinary wife is very far from this beautiful picture.

In both the first and second cases, everyone receives unjustified expectations, and this leads to a divorce.

How Social Networks Can Be Used During the Divorce

Remember the most important thing – they can be used against you. Do you remember? Now let’s move on.

Find Real Evidence

Posts and photos on social networks are the information that we share voluntarily. This means that it can be used by anyone and in any way. If you are not a supporter of showing off your life, well, you can be calm. But if you had the nerve to cheat your family and share it on social networks, be sure that it will become known.

Track Your Life After the Divorce

Even if you won the divorce process along with a divorce service advocate, do not rush to rejoice. It is very possible that your ex will monitor your life on social networks and wait until you make a mistake, which will be a good reason to appeal the court decision. Therefore, be reasonable and remember that very often silence is the best policy.

Open up New Opportunities

Remember we said that many Latin-American couples are now meeting on social networks? So, this is one of the few positive applications of technology that can help you after a divorce. No, we do not urge you to start a new relationship the next day, but you always have the right to communicate with different people who are very likely to help you survive the consequences of a divorce.

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