How to Design Your Home with a Latin American Theme

By 06 February, 2020

When people are trying to build the ideal space, they are actually trying to stamp their identity onto their decor. This can be done by letting your personality shine through, but it can also be done by inspiring yourself from the culture you belong to, or those you feel an affinity with. Latin America already has a deep influence on American culture, and that includes home decoration. But if you are truly trying to go all out and give your house a real Latin American look, you have to know where to start. Here’s how you can design your home with a Latin American theme.

Go Big with the Colors

You should not be afraid to go bold when it comes to color. Deep-sea blues and earthy terracotta tones are perfect if you’re trying to create a statement wall. You should also consider murals if you want to go for something truly special and authentic. Don’t worry if you don’t have the drawing skills needed, however, as you can find tons of mural painters online, many working on a freelance basis – and they’re not as expensive as you may imagine.

Also, make sure that you consider mosaics, and don’t go for plain tiles. If you want to give your home a real Latin vibe, you have to be ready to go bold with tile patterns as well. This is especially important for rooms like the bathroom and kitchen.

Accessorize Bedrooms

Accessories are what will bring personality to the bedrooms, and add some coziness as well. One of the most important accessories to have if you want to get the real Latin feel is rugs. A great rug is perfect for any bedroom and is a great way to add color without being overwhelming.

But it’s also important that you focus on what’s most important: making sure that the room is conducive to sleep. This means layering curtains if you want to get sheer curtains like those commonly found in Latin American homes. This also means going for the best mattress you can find.

There is no better time than now to buy a mattress, especially with a big Presidents Day mattress sale in just a couple of weeks. There are usually many specials during this time, and it’s a great occasion to switch for something more modern. You could go for a memory foam mattress for instance. These are great if you want something that will be supportive without being too rigid. These also have the benefit of isolating movement, meaning that your partner’s movement will not register on your side, and vice versa.

Bring Greenery Inside

Another thing that we automatically think about when we think about Latin American decor is beautiful greenery clad patios. Unfortunately, not everyone has the climate for it. However, you can always replicate the style by bringing some greenery in your house.

You can go the extra mile and look for tropical plants, like cacti or aloe plants. Aloe has the added benefit of being comestible. Greenery is also a great way to increase your home’s indoor air quality.

You don’t need to go that far, however; attaching a few hanging plants could be enough, as long as they’re strategically positioned. These will be enough to give your house a more natural feel and tie the whole theme together.

Latin American style is all about understanding your colors, and not being afraid to be creative. These are the basics, but don’t be afraid to let your imagination run free, and look at inspiration online. Also, make sure that you work with people who understand the aesthetic, and allow you to get the results you wanted.

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