How to Get Your Instagram Account Popular in Latin America

By 16 June, 2020

Instagram has exceeded the figure of 1,000 million active users per month, and today, it is already worth 100 times more than when it was acquired by Facebook in 2012. The social network has experienced spectacular growth, and continues to add news and functionalities that benefit both users, brands and influencers.

Instagram is also very popular in Latin America, especially in Brazil, Mexico, etc

In Brazil, there are about 83.89 million users of Instagram. If you have a business or want to enhance your personal brand in Latin America, Instagram may be the best option to achieve visibility today. Monetizing a profile on the social network is also possible, although it requires a lot of work and effort. What are the benefits of Instagram and why can it be useful to generate greater reach?

Benefits of Instagram:

—It does not stop growing

The app was ad-free before the Mark Zuckerberg firm acquired it. That changed a year after its purchase and now Instagram has different advertising options that advertisers can choose from, and that do not require a large budget.

According to eMarketer data, the content promoted in the app will generate more than 5 billion in 2018, 70% more than last year. In addition, the social network is expected to grow 13% this year.

—The social network of influencers

There are famous people who have been chosen by different brands to promote their products through Instagram. Not only that, but anonymous people have managed to create an image and grow on the social network, becoming successful influencers thanks to the platform. If you are interested in creating an Instagram profile and being successful on the platform, you should be clear on how to monetize an Instagram profile. It is not an easy task, but if you know how the platform works, you are constant and you do things well, you can get benefits.

How to get Your Instagram account to be popular

1. Keep the quality

One of the factors to consider is that quality is worth more than quantity. There are many who think that the more followers the more they will get to the social network. But are they real followers? Are they active on the platform? Do they interact with your posts? It is better to have fewer followers but that they are of quality, that they like, that they comment and that they share the publications, etc. For this, creating a solid community on Instagram should be the main objective for tomorrow to start generating income.

Keep in mind that Instagram is a social network focused on visual content, so sharing quality images is essential. Also, in order to build that community and generate conversions, a good option is to create a good ad on the platform.

On the other hand, the app continues to add news and features, so the use of ‘stories’ and the new Instagram television, IGTV, are the order of the day. The social network offers numerous options when it comes to sharing content such as images, videos, and influencer marketing is one of the big trends in 2018. Make the most of Instagram’s video marketing to build a solid presence on the platform and increase video view count to get your video posts noticed. Take advantage of the moment and learn to monetize Instagram to reach the top!

2. Get Free Instagram Followers

Besides keeping the quality of your post, it is also very import to get more exposure for your posts so that you can get more followers.

Now we will introduce a free tool called GetInsta which can help you get free Instagram followers. The most important thing is they followers are real. GetInsta has a large volume of Instagram users, and it is also very popular in Brazil. After you join in to be a user of GetInsta, you can get real Instagram followers and like from Brazil, and other countries.

It provides a very safe and easy way to help get free and real followers and likes from Instagram. There are just four steps: create an account, add your Instagram account, earn coins, and then publish a task to get your post to be liked or your Instagram account to be followed.

Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1: create an account

Click Get Instagram followers app-GetInsta to install it and then create an account for it

You can get it downloaded on any of your device, Android, iPhone, or Windows devices.

Here we take the pictures from Windows app for example.

Step 2: add your Instagram account

Step 3: earn coins

You can earn coins by following and liking other Instagram users

Step 4: publish a task

To summarize, there are two ways to get your Instagram to be popular in Latin America. First you should guarantee the quality of your post and followers. Second try the best and right tool, GetInsta, to get real and free Instagram followers from Latin America.

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