How To Learn Guitar: 3 Tips!

By 03 July, 2022

It’s summer! The weather is beautiful and there are many things to do this season. You can enjoy yourself at the beach or on a terrace. You can meet people, do fun activities and there are lots of parties happening again! With these high temperatures, chances are that you will be swinging along to an amazing Caribbean tune this summer. Maybe you always had aspirations to learn to play a musical instrument and to be on stage with a band? Then this is the right moment for you! We have put together some useful tips to help you to play your favorite Latin American music on a guitar by the end of this summer. Challenge accepted?

What is Latin American music?

There are many people who are fascinated by music from Latin America. This is mainly due to the danceability of the music. You are of course familiar with bachata, reggaeton, samba and rumba, but did you know that there are also genres such as Latin pop and Latin jazz? Music from Latin America is really very diverse. It has inspired many people to pick up a musical instrument themselves.

Don’t invest too much money in a guitar

If you want to buy a really good guitar, chances are that you will be shocked by the cost. Fortunately, nowadays you can buy a good guitar for just a few tenners. Of course you can’t expect top quality, but we still advise you to choose such a model before making a big investment. It would be a shame if you turn out not to enjoy making music at all, but rather being on the dance floor.

Learn the basic chords

Secondly, it is important that you learn the basic chords for playing guitar. With these five chords, you will be able to play many songs within a short time. You can find easy guitar chords at Chordify. Chordify helps you to find the easiest chords of the song you really want to learn. This way you will be able to master these chords bit by bit.

If you have been playing guitar for a while and are keeping up with it, it might be a good idea to record yourself. This makes it easier to detect areas of improvement.

Keep practising

Our final tip is to practise, practise, practise! The more often you play something, the more flawless it will be. So don’t get frustrated if you can’t get it right the first time. If you keep practicing, you’ll be playing those great Latin American tunes before you know it.

We wish you good luck with your new hobby! 

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