How to Plan a Trip to Latin America

By 20 March, 2022

Planning a vacation can be a real mixed bag. Sure, it’s exciting to think about your holiday but most people don’t love the planning part. There is just so much to think about, so many things to book and reserve, a budget to be mindful of, and you want to ensure you make smart decisions. That’s exactly why these tips will prove to be so useful for anyone planning a trip to Latin America. Let these act as a beginner’s guide that will ensure things are smooth and successful.

Make a List of Must-See Sites and Attractions

A good place to start with the planning process is by making a list of the must-see sites and attractions. Go ahead and brainstorm, add as many items as you like and just get everything down on paper. Once you’ve got everything in front of you, then you can look at things more logically. Chances are you won’t have enough time to do and see everything, so now you can start to prioritise. You can also group items together that are located nearby, making better use of your time. Remember, if there are tons of things you want to see and do and you can’t fit it all in, you can always return.

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What’s the Best Time of Year to Visit Latin America?

Speaking of booking accommodations, did you know there may be a particular time of year when it is better to visit Latin America? Travel can be broken down into three seasons which are off-season, peak season, and shoulder season. Peak season is from May to October and will be the busiest in terms of tourists. It is also the best weather, as you’ll be treated to lots of sunshine and dry weather. Depending on where you are, the evenings can be cool, so pack accordingly.

The off-season is from November to April and is generally very wet, with lots of heavy rainfall. You won’t have anywhere near as many tourists, and prices can be lower. If you have plans of exploring the many trails in Latin America, be warned that during the rainy season it’s common for trails to be washed out, making them unusable.

Then we’ve got shoulder season which is May-June and September-October. It’s not a very big window and travellers aren’t always aware of it. The weather is beautiful, dry, sunny, comfortable temperatures and the crowds aren’t massive. For these reasons, shoulder season can be the best season.

How Will You Handle the Language Barrier?

Latin America has several different languages that are used but the two most common are Spanish and Portuguese. With that said, it’s a good idea to consider how you will handle language barriers when you travel. In your planning process, make note of the language(s) that are spoken in the destinations you will travel to and then you can start to learn the basics. You can also download a language translation app to your smartphone, as this will probably be the most useful tool.

Will You Travel to Various Countries?

This leads us to the next question. Will you be staying in one country to explore it in-depth, or do you prefer to travel to different countries? Both can be a hectic pace, so you also need to think about how active you are willing to be. How much downtime versus exploration and adventure time do you want? If you do want to travel to various countries on your trip, then you need to also book transportation to each destination and accommodations at each stop. This style of trip requires more planning and reservations to be made.

Get Off the Beaten Path

The final tip is for the adventure-minded travellers out there and that’s to get off the beaten path. If you like unique experiences and you don’t mind getting outside of your comfort zone then the best advice is to avoid all the traditional tourist stops – that goes for destinations, hotels, restaurants, shops, beaches and so forth. Instead, try exploring like a local would and find the hidden gems in Latin America.

Using all these tips will ensure your trip to Latin America is spectacular.

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