How to Play Successfully in Latin America

By 11 October, 2019

Gambling experience in Latin America. What is that? Is it knowledge? Is it abilities to predict? Maybe some tricks?

First of all let’s make a little journey through this exciting way of life:)

What is Latin America? What are the prospects for the development of gambling in this region? What are the features of the legislation of Latin American countries and what to expect in the future? World-renowned research companies publish statistics that indicate a high rate of growth of the gambling and gaming industry in Latin American countries. Today, in almost all Latin American countries, online gambling is not subject to a legislative ban. This is another reason why online gambling has been gaining popularity here at such a high rate in recent years.

According to the regulatory body Coljuegos, Colombia’s online gambling revenues reached 29.8 billion pesos ($8.9 million) in the first half of 2019. This is 63% more than in 2018.

Most of the revenue came from casinos and bingo – 18,186. 3 million pesos. Among all sectors of the gambling market, the largest increase was in online gambling, which also saw the fastest rate of profit growth. Coljuegos estimated a total increase of 13%, with 9.4% of revenue brought by online gambling.

Colombia is an ideal market for operators seeking to gain a foothold in Latin America through online gambling platforms. Argentina and Brazil are also on track to become huge markets for online gambling – both countries are getting closer to regulating the industry.

The fact is that the outdated laws prohibiting gambling in many Latin American countries were adopted at a time when online and gambling were not even discussed.The main reason why investors and online casino operators have shunned the Latin American market is political and economic instability. But in the last decade, the situation began to improve and the industry shows positive dynamics.

Let’s get tips to play with, as they are so priceless for every Latin America gambler.

#1 Use utility bonuses only if you are eligible for (if you got a decision to play with them).

#2 The next thing you can do is do your own research about the best online slots according to their paytable. As you already know, each online slot has its own paytable, and these options can surprise you. In other words, these tiny differences can significantly affect your bankroll in the long run. Most importantly, choose online slots with wild symbols, scatters and special features.

#3 Define the RTP and slot volatility. Choose RTP 95% or higher and it will be the right move. Also, when choosing an online slot, it is important to determine its volatility. If the slot has low volatility – the winnings will be more frequent, but also smaller. Conversely, slots with high volatility have rarer wins, but they are bigger.

#4 Run the bankroll. Divide the bankroll by the number of days you will use.

#5 Did you know that some game enthusiasts even plan their gaming career around tournaments? Perhaps because it is one of the best strategies to increase the bankroll.

Playing in tournaments, you can compete with other participants, as well as plan in advance the entrance fee.

Really exciting tournaments have been facing to King Billy casino.

Taking part in tournaments, you do not need to win often to earn money in the long run. Even if you can just make high bets to win something from time to time, you will usually achieve more success than if a regular slot took the money. What makes the tournaments so interesting is that there is an opportunity to compete with other participants and plan your campaign.

Let’s take a look at several key aspects that must be considered when pick up the slot.

  • Theoretical return. The higher RTP, the more attractive the game for customer. This is the most important indicator. First of all, you need to focus on it if you want to find the best casino slot. In most modern online models, it ranges from 96% – 97%, but there are games in which it exceeds 98%.
  • Volatility. Some machines give winnings more often, but payouts are usually small ones. In such cases, they speak of low dispersion. Other models please combinations less often, but larger amounts. These are games with high variability. Pay attention to this indicator ☝
  • Popularity. If the model for a long time is very in demand with customers, do not leave it unattended. Users experimentally establish which slot machines give. Do not neglect their observations, but also should not rely too much on them.
  • Legality. Choose licensed online slot machines only. Why do we need to play fake slots, if we can run the originals for free or with money? By more that King Billy Casino with these devices offers sooo favorable conditions and attractive bonuses 🔥🔥🔥
  • Bid range. This item will not help to determine really well playing slot machines, but they should not be neglected if you are going to risk real money. This criterion is especially important for fans of all kinds of betting systems.
  • Availability. Some software developers and gambling operators do not allow you to run certain models in a number of countries. For example, such restrictions apply to NetEnt, NYX, Microgaming and other brands. In some regions, you cannot run either all of the games, or separate slots.

Also recommended to pay attention to customer reviews on slots. Sure, user opinions are subjective, but you can extract a lot of useful information.

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