Latin America Entertainment Looking to Respond to the Current Issues Arising

By 18 May, 2020

It truly is an unprecedented period of time, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause issues for economies and businesses in general around the world. Industries are now looking at a means to react, with endless events cancelled and lockdowns in place in many areas around the world. This is similar for the entertainment industry, with some seeing success and others struggling due to this period.

An example being gamers and online streaming platforms such as Netflix, that have seen a major rise in numbers, as people remain in lockdown and are looking to entertain themselves from their own homes. Online casinos are another seeing a huge surge, with punters looking for the different offers that are available in the competitive market, such as the Unibet sign up promo code. The rising numbers are only set to continue until we finally see an end to the lockdowns and normality starts to return.

Latin America has also been looking to respond to the current coronavirus pandemic, with a varied looking response in the different countries. An example being in Mexico, as President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has continued to push the public to ‘keep living life as normal’. This also comes as the nation is seeing a huge surge in the number of cases but he wishes to maintain a hands-off approach to the situation. Other countries across Central and South America have been using a completely different approach in comparison to Mexico. Despite the guidance, Mexico have been seeing a huge drop in people visiting entertainment institutions such as cinemas. This was also backed up by Alejandro Ramirez, who is the CEO of Mexican exhibition company, Cinepolis. He stated that ‘we had projected 365 million admissions world-wide, but we now do not see this happening and we’ll see a big hit’. They have screens across a number of nations around the world, such as Spain and the Middle East.

The screens have also now been closed in Mexico, despite remaining open for some time with limited capacity. They had been using strict hygiene procedures but have now changed their stance on this, as of March 24th. It really is a difficult time for counties, with governments offering much more help in some countries than others. A clear example being the Spanish government over the Mexican , with the latter providing much less relief if any at all. That is why many businesses are looking to remain open, in order to keep making a living and to survive this period of uncertainty.

Mexico have previously experienced the 2009 Swine flu, so have something to work with and how best to react and help the general public. It has been a similar response in Brazil, with their President continuing to downplay the virus and how bad the outbreak is. This is leading to unrest in the country, with many now taking actions into their own hand, with cities and states also now applying their own containment measures in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

The situation now does appear to be improving in many countries and let’s hope this continues, so we can return to normality and businesses can reopen, with the entertainment industry set to boom.

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