Latin America Gambling Guide

By 25 January, 2019

If you are planning on visiting Latin America to gamble on your holidays, you won’t be disappointed. Besides Brazil, most of the countries in Latin America have a wide number of casino options to fulfill your inner gambler. Here is our guide to gambling in some of the most popular countries in Latin America.


Gambling Is legal in Mexico and people can enjoy betting on horse races as well as international sports. The country has two American style casinos namely the PlayCity casino in Cancun and the Dubai Palace. Monterrey has over 15 casinos and is a mini gambler’s paradise. It is to be noted that the country has issues with robberies, so tourists need to handle large sums of money with precaution.


Brazil Is going through a massive gambling regulation change. Gambling is currently illegal in the country. Although the country lacks major casinos, tourists and locals can gamble on state-run lotteries, sports and horse racing. Only six casinos are present in the country. The gambling environment, however, is very peaceful and serene just like the other Latin American countries. The lack of casinos does not mean that tourists won’t enjoy the warm welcome and excellent gambling atmosphere in the country. Gávea Hippodrome has a wide variety of casino games. Over 500 table games and machine are present in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul and the largest casino is the Winfil Entretenimento (with over 400 table games and machines). Want to check out live Casinos? You can visit to check out some of the best live casino games available in the market with state of the art technology inbuilt to provide you with immersive casino experience.


Gambling in Peru is enjoyed by both tourists as well as locals. Most of the casinos have proper securities and the casinos boast of popular games like slots, craps, Blackjack and Roulettes. Every casino has over 100 slot machines and the place is known for some popular casinos such as Palacio Royal. Both the Sheraton Lima Hotel & Casino and the Majestic Casino and JW Marriott Hotel are present in Lima as well as the Hippodrome de Monterrico (the horse racing course). Note that gambling is unlicensed in most parts in Peru. In terms of size, though, the Atlantic City Casino with its 3000-metre square gaming area is at par with the Las Vegas Casinos.


Due to Argentina’s relaxed gambling culture, every form of gambling is legal there. The casino operators have to acquire licenses in all the provinces. It is a perfect place to gamble for both international as well as local gamblers. It has over 79 casinos which make it one of the best destinations to gamble in all of Latin America as well as South America. Due to the laid back regulations in Argentina, the people can have a friendly casino experience with amusement arcades and bng rooms. Its capital has several large casinos including the popular Casino Buenos Aires. This complex was built in 1999 and has a casino floor, which spans over 40000 square meters. Argentina also has the largest casino in Latin America known as the Trilenium Casino. This luxurious casino has a huge range of table and slot games such as Baccarat, Texas Hold ‘Em poker and two variants of Poker. If you want to have a Vegas Experience in Latin America, you have to head towards City Center Rosario casino and resort. This casino is the perfect place for business and local trips and has tourist attractions such as Independence Park and the Rosario Observatory.

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