Latin America Internship Opportunities for US Students

By 22 June, 2021

It is well known that nowadays you can’t start a career just by going to college. It would be amazing to get a job just by having good academic success and good grades. However, things don’t work like that, and nowadays, besides finishing school and doing great on your assignments, you need to be different and have something tangible and unique on your resume to be able to land the job that you wanted. And an internship in Latin America will definitely add that needed uniqueness.

Latin America offers many opportunities to young, open-minded, and hard-working students. Yes, it may be harder as you will travel to a different country and the application and selection process is not easy at all. But at the end of it, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that come from it, and many doors in the professional world will be open for you.

Also, Latin America encompasses a huge amount of land, meaning that there are limitless internship opportunities. However, the following are some of the best internship providers placed in multiple regions.

International Business Internship in Argentina with CISabroad

CISabroad has become a well-known leader, and it provides significant but still affordable internship placements worldwide. In Latin America, they offer internships in rural and urban environments, plus volcanic valleys, jungles, and even coasts and islands. The biggest part of their internship opportunities includes weekend excursions, at least one meal per day, intensive language courses, and, most importantly, a homestay experience. So, whether you are interning at an international business in Argentina or on a sustainable farm in Ecuador, you will have a great experience, learn a lot about the country, and develop many skills.

Hospitality Internship in Latin America with Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel is one of the best when it comes to an internship opportunity in Latin America. This provider is specifically focused on a meaningful journey. It provides the best Latin American immersion choices available at the time, and the most important thing is that they offer multicultural internship opportunities. The interns get the opportunity to work and live in several different countries. Thus, making it perfect for people who cannot decide what they want or simply want to experience more than just one place. However, this internship requires a lot of work and motivation from students in terms of application letter, CV and interview preparation.

Intern with Kids with Special Needs with Intern Abroad HQ

Suppose you want to achieve something more serious with your internship. In that case, you should go with Intern Abroad HQ, a sister organization of the international volunteer HQ, which is the leader in volunteering abroad for the whole world. This organization provides interns with many placement options, making it the perfect place for everyone. In addition, they offer weekly courses, classes, and lessons for skill-building and engagement, and all the interns need to participate. So, it will definitely provide you with a great experience, but also you will do something more concrete, like interning with children that have special needs.

Adelante Abroad

This placement is more oriented towards the healthcare world, so if you want to become a surgeon, doctor, nurse, etc., this is the perfect place. Adelante Abroad is the best public health internship placement in Latin America. They have been sending all kinds of healthcare interns to Latin America for almost 20 years. They offer opportunities to rotate between different emergency rooms, shadow doctors in hospitals, or work in sports rehabilitation centers. And also, their program includes accommodations in apartments or homestay and intensive language courses. But of course, to become an intern, you need to have some educational background or experience in health-related fields.

Sustainable Development Foundation

This provider focuses on setting sustainability interns with international or service-based research providers. All the interns stay with host families and work with the locals to implement environmental sustainability or renewable energy project in that same community. The interns get the chance to get involved in renewable technology, organic agriculture, biodiversity courses, sustainable water management, forest regeneration, end even writing proposals and grants. So if you are looking for a tangible experience, this is an excellent choice.


These providers are just a small part of everything that Latin America offers. So to narrow it down, take your time and talk to alumni, read reviews, be creative, and make sure that you find the right fit. Even if you don’t participate in some paid internships, remember that what matters the most is the experience that you will get. And at the end of the day, you will have something unique to put on your resume.

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