Latin American Culture Inspires Online Casino Games & Drives Software Development Sector

By 10 June, 2021

According to one of the leading online casino software makers, Microgaming, Buenos Aires, Argentina will soon see a new software development studio established. Microgaming together with Neko Games have plans on entering the Latin American online betting software development sub niches, and upon establishing the offline studio, the new games will be created specifically in the Latin American themes.

The new games will soon be available at almost all Microgaming casinos around the world, bringing online gamblers closer to the local culture. Why is this important and what exactly can be expected from this software developers collaboration is discussed in this post.

Who Are Microgaming and Neko Games?

Microgaming is one of the biggest online betting software makers in the world, and it has been in operation since 1994, which makes this company globally valuable as a software developer. Microgaming runs its own parlour sites, hosts Live Dealer games, and has over 1,500 online games products in their portfolio.

Microgaming was one of the companies that participated in the organization of the eCOGRA, an agency that tests and certifies online parlour sites and other businesses in the niche. Getting an eCOGRA certificate is one of the highest proofs of reliability and reputation in the egaming industry worldwide, and Microgaming is one of the examples of success that awaits fully legal and certified companies. This company has already established a couple of smaller partner companies to reach out to new emerging markets around the world.

Neko Games is one of the companies run by Microgaming giant, created specifically for the Latin American markets. Being part of Microgaming, Neko Games is a fully licensed and certified studio that can legally offer its products, collaborate with parlour sites, make mobile applications, etc.

Super Showball And Other Games

One of the first online betting games that has already been made by the Neko games together with Microgaming, and became available to all parlour sites worldwide, including sites targeting Latin America, is the Super Showball. Super Showball is a Brazilian-style 90-ball video bingo game. The mechanics and features of this product are inspired by the traditional bingo game, while the theme and visuals are inspired by the local Brazilian style and culture.

Talking about the tech specs of the Super Showball bingo game, it is a medium-to-high volatility game. The product is mobile-friendly, meaning it can be played on smartphones and tablets. The game has a mystery prize feature, and a jackpot feature. Considering that Microgaming holds two Guinness World Records for paying out the biggest jackpots in history, jackpot feature in the Super Showball is not mere words.

Neko Games claims that bingo games are to be its main focus in the near future, and that gamblers can expect more titles from the studio very soon.

Is This Important?

While news about creation of the online casino software development studio, and creation of new online betting games inspired by the Latin American culture, may not be very fascinating for non-gamblers, in fact this news is positive for many sectors in Argentina and neighboring countries.

Firstly, parlour bettors around the world will be able to connect to the local culture and style, which is an important example of cultural impact across the world. Secondly, having a Microgaming-connected software development studio in the country means higher competition and as a result, higher quality of the relevant products for local players. Thirdly, local gamblers will have more chances playing a fair and well-made game at a legal and safe parlour.

And eventually, since the online casino software sub niche is an emerging market in Latin America, Neko Games\Microgaming entering it is a good sign for other connected sectors. Local experts and wannabe experts in software development can have a chance to work with Neko Games.

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