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By 08 February, 2012

The Galapagos Islands chain, which is made up of large islands and islets formed out of volcanic eruptions, is one of the few remaining untouched parts of the world. It lies on the Equator where it is host to a variety of species, most of them only found there. To protect the unique wildlife species and preserve their natural habitat, the local government has imposed strict control and governance over these islands. The goal is to allow the animals to thrive, with as little interference as possible from outside visitors and residents. After all, the islands are considered geologically young. The varied and unique plants and animals were the subject of Charles Darwin’s study when he explored the theory of evolution through natural selection.

Although the Galapagos Islands are located virtually straddling the Equator, the frigid Humboldt Current flows through the open waters around the islands, this current is responsible for the subtropical climate that visitors enjoy. It is also credited with bringing the winds from the southeast that produce low clouds that cover the islands for most of the summer and fall months in the region. During the later months of the year, the Humboldt Current churns up the waters, making the waters a little choppier for yacht and cruise ship navigation.

Aside from the ideal weather, travelers come to this side of the world to explore the landscape, which is abundant with extraordinary flora and fauna specimens. The number of annual visitors to these islands is regulated and large ships are off-limits to certain islands in the archipelago to ensure minimal impact to the environment. Only designated paths are open for tourist access and exploration; and even then, they should be accompanied by a licensed guide.

Embark on Galapagos Expeditions

Opting for the traditional tours in the Galapagos Islands limits your opportunity to experience the best that this natural gem has to offer. Going on a yacht cruise is the best way to have a memorable experience; you must see the native plants and inquisitive creatures up close if you want to take away memories to last a lifetime. There are many excursion companies, like Quasar Expeditions, that enable you to get up-close and personal with these species and marvel at the sights that only a few people have had the privilege to witness.

Everything about the Galapagos Islands has its own unique history and appealing charm. If you are naturally drawn to history you might have an additional source of interest beyond the marvellous creatures and unique plant life here. Don’t let a rainy day dampen your adventurous spirit. Take the opportunity to ask your cruise director about the yacht you are aboard for your excursion. It may surprise you to know that some of the yachts that are frequently engaged in the region have significant and varied histories themselves. One of the yachts was previously owned by Aristotle Onassis, husband of Jackie (Kennedy) Onassis. Another one served as a vessel for the British Navy. You never know what you might discover.

MY Grace Galapagos Experience:

Galapagos Cruise: Front Row Seat to Endemic Species

Each day you spend on the cruise will literally offer something new. What about the opportunity to mingle with endemic species? Indeed, once in a lifetime wildlife encounters is what has drawn tourists to The Galapagos Islands. The lack of natural predators on the island has made these creatures willing to engage with their human visitors.

Think about the ultimate Galapagos expedition that includes snorkelling with baby sea lions, mingling with iguanas or tortoises on the shore, or spotting a Galapagos hawk as it flies past you. Yet connecting with the animals will only give you a glimpse of Galapagos’ true beauty. Many adventures are waiting to be explored underwater. The archipelago’s marine life is among the richest and most extensive that divers will ever encounter. Mingle with colorful sea-creatures as exotic as you could ever hope to find. Bring to life the stories and photographs from your favourite travel magazine. Galapagos is waiting — come to the islands and life that rivals the best imagination.

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