Most Popular Case Study Topics in Brazil

By 25 October, 2019

There are always case studies that can be done on any subject, so coming up with an idea for one is usually not that difficult. For those seeking to do a case study on a topic that will grab people’s attention, it’s usually a good idea to pick something that’s popular or has attention-grabbing headlines.

When it comes to Brazil, students doing a case study, or looking for a case study writing service, will want to pick a topic that will get attention and keep it. Going for one of the more popular case study topics is usually a good idea. Here are some of the top subjects in Brazil:

Coffee – This is one of two Brazilian economic case study examples that’s quite popular among the students. One may consider several ways to approach this topic. Looking at its direct effect on the economy is a good start, not to mention taking a look at the countries that buy coffee from Brazil.

There’s also the question of how reliable harvests are, the amount of the GDP that coffee takes up, and how much it has fluctuated over the years. It would be also interesting to look at how those fluctuations have directly affected the country’s economy and the price of coffee worldwide.

Oil – One of the most critical components of the Brazil type of economy over the last years, off-shore oil has made Brazil the twelfth largest producer in the world, although it’s not considered to be the biggest part of its economy.

This is something that has one of the greatest effects on the worldwide economy, as Brazil’s oil production has affected oil prices on more than one occasion. It’s also something that hasn’t managed to save Brazil from runaway inflation and its currency devaluation.

Monetary Collapse – This is something that everyone in Brazil is familiar with and would make a fascinating topic, mostly because of just how much the country’s currency has suffered in recent years.

At one point, Brazil looked like its currency was one of the rising stars in the world with oil production and other exports. But then multiple changes to the currency had place, including bringing in an entirely new form of it, coupled with massive debt, which resulted in a complete collapse of the currency. If only the debtors there had considered an iva debt; they could have saved themselves from hitting a recession.

This created a situation where millions of Brazilians found themselves impoverished overnight. Great study ideas would be to look into what led to the collapse and to ask what could have been done to prevent it.

There are also many ways to use it as the perfect example of what countries across the world should do to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen to their currencies.

Government – Brazil has seen an interesting transformation from dictatorship to democracy, which makes the issue of effective government one of the top most popular ideas for writing a case study. Even professional case study writers from Edubirdie have done a paper or two on this topic in service to their country. Its own history compared with other nations make it an interesting point of comparison.

How do dictatorships rise and fall, for instance, would be of great interest to a Brazilian. There’s also the question of how countries have adapted to democracy and which ones returned to some form of dictatorship. Brazil has its own record, but in comparison to other countries, one could do an interesting case study on dictatorship’s and democracy’s economic effects on its people.

There are nations, for instance, who have had dictatorships make the population poor, but a transition to democracy actually made things worse in some countries. When it comes to government, and that of Brazil’s, there is no shortage of study topics!

Massive Population Migration – Very few other countries other than Brazil have seen such mass migrations of its population to other countries. Everyone still recalls the news items covering the long caravan of people heading for the US border, many of whom were from Brazil.

A case study in mass migration would be an interesting topic for natives of Brazil, especially considering that many of them likely have a friend or family member who left for the US border, only to be stopped.

This is something that would make a good topic for a case study writer, who could elaborate on countries that are likely to experience mass migrations. There is also the question of how countries react to influxes of refugees and why.

Environmental Research and Investment – Brazil is still heavily invested in research and is well aware of the impacts climate change is starting to have on the world. This brings up a topic from which a lot of case study ideas can come.

Just looking at Brazil’s impact on the environment alone would make an interesting case study. There’s also the possibility of looking into everything Brazil could do to combat climate change from major government initiatives to what the average citizen might do themselves.

These are just a few of the possible case studies in Brazil, but they are among the most popular for a student to choose to get a great grade on a case study essay!

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