Must-See Latin American Cities

By 05 November, 2020

Latin America is a melting pot of history and different cultures, combining to create a unique and interesting environment over the expansive continent. What’s amazing is that no country and even region is the same, meaning that every destination is sure to surprise and inspire travelers.

With so much going on, ranging from beautiful landscapes to vibrant nightlife and events, here are some of the must-see Latin American cities.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires might be known as a cosmopolitan city great for shopping, but there’s so much more on offer in the Argentine capital. There’s an amazing nightlife scene that suits both club crazy dancers, as well as more elegant options such as fine bars and even luxurious casinos where you can play table games and even slots, just try understanding casino slots RTP first to increase your chances of winning.

The city has many influences on its design and architecture, particularly the colorful neighborhood of La Boca where you’ll find plenty of Italian influences due to the early settlers from Genoa. There’s also the oldest café in town, Café Tortoni, that’s a great location to start your exploration of the history of the area, with highlights being Teatro Colon, that’s been a piece of the city since 1808.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

With Christ the Redeemer and the awesome hills and mountains looking down on the city, Rio has one of the most impressive skylines in the world. The city is most commonly traveled to during festival season, as carnivals and celebrations make the area spring to life, but there is plenty to do here all year round.

Rio has plenty of amazing beaches to enjoy, such as the Copacabana Beach, and wonderful areas and locations to explore such as the cool bars and restaurants that litter the area.

It’s also an area of culture, and that’s typified perfectly by the stunning Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading, which is a must-visit due to its incredible interiors. A word of warning with Rio, much like many big cities all over the world, there are crime and unsafe areas. Be sure to known where to avoid and always act sensibly to keep yourself safe.

Cusco, Peru

Cusco is such a unique Latin American destination to visit due to its location of being perched right within the Andes Mountains, meaning it’s sure to have a great view. Cusco is usually used as a starting point for travelers wanting to explore Machu Picchu and the Huayna Picchu Mountain that aren’t too far from the city, or as a base for those who want to explore Lake Titicaca and the Uros Floating islands, however, it has many merits of it’s own.

It’s an old city, littered with vibrant marketplaces and cool destinations, not to mention beautiful churches, cathedrals and other buildings. It’s far less hustle and bustle than some the suggestions, but’s it’s still a viable destination for those who want to get away and explore some of the more natural and authentic wonders of Peru.

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