New Design Trends in São Paulo

By 08 August, 2022

The visual power of design not only reverberates in the eyes of the beholder, but also in their spirit, in their soul, leaving deep impressions imbued with a certain inner fulfilment. In this respect, design is more comparable than ever to art, if only because of the expressive power of its final results. Yet, just like art, design is able to act at a deeper level of consciousness, provoking involuntary inner stirrings and triggering the physiological mechanisms of well-being. A concrete application of this extraordinary power is clearly visible in office and workplace design. For some years now, designers and architects have been endeavouring to create workplaces on a human scale, functional and at the same time aesthetically pleasing, capable of resting the gaze and arousing in any observer a peculiar kind of stupefaction that is in every way similar to ecstasy.

The offices of today should not just be cold workplaces where they spend six or eight hours a day, but real temples of well-being where employees, in the diligent performance of their daily tasks, can experience extremely pleasant and satisfying physical sensations that awaken all their sensory perceptions.

The power of design

Design creations therefore act on two levels: the first is the visual, superficial one, linked above all to the contemplation of its (beautiful) exterior forms. The second, much deeper, intervenes directly in the deeper layers of consciousness, awakening a mysterious and almost inexplicable fulfilment. All these sensations are not only experienced in the best design offices, but also outside, in the world’s most beautiful cities and metropolises. Sao Paulo, Brazil, is certainly one of them. There is even a whole category of travellers who travel far and wide to see the wonders of local design with their own eyes, to sink into the ecstatic contemplation of modern, bizarrely shaped buildings that catch their attention in a matter of moments. A closer and more rational look at the latest design achievements in São Paulo, Brazil, would undoubtedly capture a common thread, recurring motifs that have the ability to shape, along with the eternal power of beauty, every single creation, giving it a magical and truly unmistakable allure.

A recurring theme

One of these recurring themes, in the design of São Paulo, is certainly that of sustainability: the professionals of the Casulo studio are well aware of this, having recently renovated a flat in São Paulo by instilling in it the eternal contrast between the colours of the earth, the green of the vegetation and the darker shades of rocks, trees and forests. The end result is a much larger living space, in which the breath of nature is also clearly perceptible in the choice of materials used (especially in the wood) and in the play of contrasts created between the different components of the colour palette. Another example of this design imbued with sustainability can certainly be seen in the Sao Paulo medical centre and its indoor garden, thanks to the outstanding work of Safdie Architects. Another example of this design steeped in sustainability is certainly visible in the Sao Paulo medical centre and its indoor garden, thanks to the exceptional work of Safdie Architects.

The ecstatic contemplation of design, in some ways, can be compared to the contemplative state we sink into when we engage in our online activities, such as browsing social media or experimenting with new, exciting video games. In the latter case, above all, the beauty of the graphics is combined with the pleasantness of the playability, also acting on two distinct levels of consciousness (just as happens with design creations). The only difference is that in one case it takes place offline, while in the other it is completely virtual.

Among the virtual experiences capable of arousing states of mind very close to exaltation, but also to pure enjoyment, are undoubtedly those linked to the world of online gambling, which continues to offer increasingly innovative game modes to satisfy the changing tastes of all players. A particularly electrifying modality, from this point of view, is that linked to the redemption of bonuses, thanks to which each player can try out some of the best online casinos and identify the one most suited to his or her tastes, thus preparing for real money play. The exceptionally high-quality graphics, together with the sophistication of the graphic effects, turn each game into a truly unmissable experience.

Design trends are incredibly changeable, almost like people’s moods. To grasp the essentials, one must train one’s eye to search for (and recognise) true beauty.

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