Future of Brazilian Gambling Market

Potential Of The Gambling Market In Brazil

By 21 June, 2019

The internet has been present in Brazil for a little over 2 decades and in that time has transformed and is still transforming all aspects of life. The rise of the internet has created a brand new ecosystem, a digital revolution of sorts, not just in Brazil, but worldwide as well. This has triggered massive changes in the economy, which has indeed gone digital, while other sectors have experienced unforeseen changes.

Tourism, for example, is now made easier via online booking, the retail sector is now all about e-commerce and the news media has long since been taken online.

Perhaps the biggest area that the magic of the internet has wrought its miracle is entertainment. This has triggered a change in the consumption patterns of the citizenry, with most now requiring interactive and on-demand entertainment at all hours of the day or night.

Online gaming is a big part of interactive entertainment and is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing sectors, and this is why it fits in amazingly into the Brazilian outlook. Brazil is, of course, a developed country with a bright future, which more than 200 million people call home.

The Millennials Are Here

One can’t help but imagine the coming digital landscape of the future and what exactly it will be made of when the millennials come of age. These are the initial digitally native generation that grew up experiencing the wonders of the internet and the mobile world. That generation is expected to devise and execute their own digital revolution.

The Brazilian millennials are as of this time active participants in the ongoing digital revolution. They are thus some of the highest users of social media in the world.

Digital Marketing In The Digital Revolution

Marketing is continuously evolving on the digital platform. With this evolution new tools like big data, retargeting, programmatic, CRM systems and more are created that facilitate the process.

Borders and jurisdictions are now practically irrelevant in the expansive internet industry. Instead, activity tracking is now the norm, regardless of the country folks might be living in. This is happening in Brazil, as millions of its citizenry are being continuously tracked and profiled by some of the biggest global companies out there, through the use of internet tools.

Localization is increasingly irrelevant, with technology being key to everything. The digital revolution has resulted in the creation of a digital economy of unprecedented proportions. As a result, it is fully possible in the present day for a company with around 85 employees or less to possess a bigger market value and capitalisation that is absurdly higher than old corporations with thousands of staff.

Taking Regulatory Advice And Its Advantages

Brazil can produce the most modern and optimum regulation, by learning from the experience of other countries that have already undergone the process. Doing this will save it time that would otherwise be wasted by messy experimenting and make it much easier for already established gaming operators to seamlessly set up shop in Brazil.

Ensuring that new regulation succeeds is as simple as enforcing a concept that should be labelled “The Rule of One”. This concept emphasises the making of clear, concise, effective and structured legislation.

It also promotes one single jurisdiction at the national level, a single regulator with a single office or institute, a single licence for every online game and a single tax model for same. Regulating the industry should also aim at avoiding such common pitfalls as excessive taxation.

Excessive regulation of the industry should be discouraged. Thus, requiring separate licenses for all games is not a good idea, as is stipulating the local hosting of servers.

Take Mr Green for example. Launched in 2008, it has conclusively shown that an operator can still be successful by focusing on one game category, like bingo or online mobile slot games. Now, most casino operators offer different games that take user tastes into consideration. But the type of games they offer should not be subjected to regulation, with the casino itself being tasked with deciding precisely which games it should make available to its clientele.

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