Progressive Gambling Market in Latin America

By 23 October, 2019

Gambling industry is growing all the time and brings new options for customers. If we take a look at the Latin American gaming market, we can observe a $2 billion growth over the previous years. The top gaming countries in the Latin American continent are Mexico and Argentina while Colombia and Chile follow the same trend. Read on and reveal interesting things about local gambling.

Latin America Gaming: Current Situation

Latin America is a territory that includes 33 countries, 600+ million people and expanding tourism sector. In this booming atmosphere, both land-based and online operators are willing to invest.

Gambling in Latin American resembles Western betting cultures. The betting industry is used for various purposes including education and social interaction. For instance, Argentina is one of the successful gambling countries which connects local opinions and public regulations.

For more details about Latin American gambling, read on the following words:

Argentina Gambling

Argentina is well-known for relaxed gaming rules and excellent options for local customers and tourists. The country is a premium gambling destination with 80 land-based venues throughout the area. The biggest venue is located in the capital Buenos Aires casino. The entire complex was created two decades ago and includes 40,000 square meter space.

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Peru Gambling

Peru is another successful gambling destination in South and Central America. The country is home to 5 land-based casinos. The main casino property is Palacio Royal Casino located in several cities: Piura, Chiclayo, Majestic Casino, Huanuco and Arequipa. The other two famous casinos are Sheraton Lima Hotel and the Majestic casino. If you are betting on horse racing, then you should visit The Hippodrome de Monterico. Customers who are enthusiastic about Vegas Style casino should look for casinos in Miraflores, Tropicana, Atlantic City, and Mardi Gras. Games are safe for tourists with special weekend controls for increased protection.

Brazil Gambling

Gambling in Brazil is still under strict prohibition. The state is looking for the best possible solution which will legalize both online and offline facilities. Brazil Congress is focused on the legalization of bingo halls, online gambling, casino resorts, and domestic Jogo de Bicho chances. At the moment, Brazil allows video poker and lottery betting.

Mexico Gambling

Mexico has been popular for gambling starting from first civilizations. The country allows both casino and sports betting options. However, residents prefer specific gambling opportunities like fronton, cockfights, and domino. When we talk about typical casino chances like slots and table games, they are preferred in Western civilizations. Asian countries also prefer table games.

Chile and Colombia Gambling

Both Chile and Colombia have legalized different gambling forms including poker, casino games, sports betting and rooster fights. However, Both Chile and Colombia don’t allow online gambling chances. Chile has prohibited online gambling while Colombia has no prescriptions in the same area.


As you can see, Latin America is one of the popular destinations for people worldwide. They come to the continent to see something new and casinos are the logical choice.

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