Recreate the Stunning California Kitchen from ‘Marriage Story’

By 10 June, 2020

Marriage Story is one of the most talked-about drama films of 2019, written, directed and produced by Noah Baumbach. This comedy-drama creation is buzzed about receiving an Oscar, and it already has bagged many awards and is also nominated for an Academy Award for best picture. Apart from the script of the movie and the role of actors in it, the real estate and infrastructure has been a hot topic for the viewers. An article by Themuse.jezebel states “Marriage Story is Really a Movie About Prime Real Estate”, which we completely agree on. The movie has screened the value and power of the right real estate. 

Noah Baumbach knew what he was looking for, and surprisingly, had a tough time in finding the right apartment according to the need of the script. He stated that “What was very important to me was to have that kind of kitchen and living room so that we could see them in separate rooms.” And the kitchen steals the limelight in the movie, which becomes an inspiration for the viewers looking for kitchen recreation ideas. 

The kitchen of Nicole’s Mom, who was living in a Spanish Colonial apartment in California motivated so many onlookers. While others were inspired by Charlie’s LA real estate, especially from his kitchen. The layout used in the movie is quite familiar to Angelenos, which resembles the late 60s and early 70s kitchen design. In contrast to the design, all the efforts are made to make it a smart kitchen. If you also are looking for ways to recreate the kitchen you also mix and match certain things, breathe life to your dull kitchen. 

You can opt to go for laminate countertops and cabinets, with soft colored tile backsplash, which effortlessly adds a pristine look to the kitchen. Or if you are looking for a high-end and seamless look, you can also install Italian-inspired cabinets with a high-gloss finish. You can easily buy RTA cabinets in the same pattern available online. 

Apart from the cabinets, there are many other things you can incorporate in the kitchen to make it look modern and smarter, forcing everyone to steal the glances on it.

11 Incredible Kitchen Recreation Ideas 

Considering the home and kitchen improvement needs of the homeowners, we have compiled a list of kitchen ideas, to make it look better. 

  1. High Contrast can be your thing: As mentioned above, you can for contrast while mixing and matching materials. For instance, if you have decided to go with white cabinetry and backsplash of subway tiles, contrasting them with dark stained floor and a modern black hood. 
  2. Introduce stools to your kitchen: If you don’t want to make big investments in kitchen remodelling, then let us tell you that you can improve the statement of the kitchen with as small changes as introducing pop color bar stools to the classic kitchen. Yes, you heard it right. While searching for the stools for the kitchen, choose ones that can tuck in and under the island.
  3. Let Subway Tiles speak for your kitchen: We know kitchen renovations are a matter of high costs, but it is not necessarily true. Sometimes, you can also add elegance to your kitchen in a cost-effective way, by letting subway tiles dominate the kitchen. For a different look, you can align the tiles in backsplash in a herringbone pattern.
  4. Try oversized backsplash tiles: Installing Larger scale backsplash tiles has become a trend. With oversized tiles, the number of lines is reduced in a backsplash that gives a unique feel to the kitchen.
  5. Get rid of Upper Cabinets: Well, this is not something you hear often. But, this is something that can do wonders in enhancing the overall appearance of the crucial room of your home.
  6. Increased Storage Space: To increase the storage space in the kitchen, you can take the cabinets to the ceiling of the kitchen. Instead of using shelves to keep the bowls, pans, or hang pots, use deep drawers. Additionally, to free up space from the cabinets you can add sliding inserts for the crockery, which doubles the storage. For a narrow space, pull-out storage works as a great option. 
  7. Go for durable finishes: We recommend you to opt for durable finishes for the long-term benefits. Durable finishes can range from quality cabinetry to strong countertops that do not wear off with time. Introducing durable finishes also increases the overall value of the home. 
  8. Choose bigger drawers: When it comes to choosing drawers during the kitchen recreation, you are advised to choose bigger sizes of the drawer. With the big drawers, comes bigger storage, which allows you to keep a check on the pantry more effectively than the shelves. With bigger drawers, you can have a look at the inside items from front to back. Besides, these are a better use of the space. 
  9. Let the contemporary design play: You mix and play with a wide range of textures and finishes in the design, to add a touch of contemporary to the kitchen. For instance, you can go for the textured brown finished cabinets at the bottom that will complement the glossy white furnishings at the top. 
  10. Bring the touch of outdoors to your kitchen: Your classic white kitchen will most likely revel in the touch of outdoors. To bring the accents of outdoors to the kitchen, you can simply add a backslash of green tiles, and let the bar seating reiterate the outside greenery to your kitchen. 
  11. Give warmth to the kitchen with copper: Play with the metals inside the kitchen. You can replace the regular steel sink and hood with stunning copper. This is a booming kitchen trend in the USA and hence our experts advise the homeowners to take it further and take your kitchen authenticity to a whole new level. If there is a scope of outdoor light in the kitchen, you can install a mirrored backsplash which reflects the light throughout the space. 

So, when you are looking for kitchen decorating ideas, you can use a concept based on the given ideas,

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