Releasing Stress Through the Power of Music

By 08 February, 2021

Being forced to stay at home more has had a negative effect on the mental health of many people around the world. It is essential that no matter what the setup you have, you try and make the best of things. There are lots of cosy things to do at home that can help reframe your thoughts and create a state of positivity. Seeing home as a safe, happy place can make it a lot easier to get through this difficult time. Music is one of the most useful tools that we can pretty much all get our hands on quite quickly and has an incredible effect on the chemical levels in our brain. So how can we relax stress through the power of music?

Music Makes You Feel Good

We all have that one band or track that makes us feel happy from the moment we hear the opening bars. But it actually goes deeper than that and can be scientifically proven to have a positive effect on the body music that features 60 beats per minute is actually capable of helping the brain to synchronise with the beat and release Alpha brain waves. This is the state of the brain when we are relaxed and awake. So, depending on whether the music is upbeat or slower and relaxing depends on the state and effect it has on the brain. If you have ever been to a meditation class, you may be aware that they play slow and relaxing music that helps with calming the mind and as you lay there listening you start to feel more relaxed. Of course, you have the meditation part too, but the music itself plays a very large role in inducing a state of relaxation.

Music Changes Mood

If you are looking to de-stress, an upbeat track that causes you to want to dance and move around can help with this too. This is because when we are stressed, our bodies release chemicals that have a link to the fight or flight used primarily when we were cavemen. At that time, our life would have actually been in danger, and the choice literally would have been fighting the predator or running away. Now we have stressed that probably isn’t going to cause us any immediate threat, but it can build up over time and leave our bodies in a high state of fight or flight with chemicals roaming the body that don’t really belong. A physical exercise, similar to the flight mechanism, can release these chemicals and help us go back to feeling less stressed. It is good to know that we can use music to help us as it is readily available and can be done anywhere at any time.

What Music?

When it comes to getting music to work for you, it’s crucial that you choose the music you actually like. For example, some people do not like jazz music, and if they listen to it, it can actually increase feelings of stress and annoyance. So, you must pick the music you enjoy. This can be done easily by experimenting and using Internet search tools to look for a piece that fits the purpose. So, if you are looking to unwind and possibly induce sleep, google relaxing music and have a listen to a few tracks until you find one that really seems to work with your mind. Runners often use music to enhance their performance, so if you are looking to burn off some excess energy, go with something upbeat, maybe dance music. There are also plenty of suggestions on the Internet if you search for topics such as good workout music.

Other Ways to Relax

There are plenty of other ways that you can relax at home and let go of any stressors. A long hot bath, an afternoon nap, painting or even doing jigsaw puzzles. It is all about finding things that make you feel happy and safe. You could have a kitchen disco and play upbeat tunes until everyone in the house is tired, or you could use music as an aid to get the kids to bed by having a relaxation session. Getting them warm and snug in bed and telling a relaxing story while playing soft, gentle music will help them relax and sleep. Many radio stations are trying to curate collections of music and put on special virtual concerts at this strange time so you may even be able to find the perfect tunes for you once the children are quiet and sleeping. Of course, the odd glass of wine as you listen will also help relax the brain and create endorphins that generate happy feelings and leave us calm and relaxed. If you have never explored the power of music, now is a great time to do so.

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