Safe Santiago Neighborhoods For Solo Female Travelers

By 19 October, 2020

Is Santiago safe for solo female travelers? This is a question many female travel enthusiasts ask many times. And although it is not accurate to say that the entire city is safe, it is truthful to say that everyone is safe in Santiago provided she knows when to be where and at what time. The outskirts of the city are generally not as safe as the central region, but you will be fine in those areas too if you are careful enough. IF you are up for a little more adventure, we recommend going up north and visiting Peru. Peru is also a perfect place for solo travelers, and the possibility to find friends in vast, especially if you take a tour in Peru with a group of people.

When you visit Santiago, avoid showing off your valuable possessions as there are pickpockets here, just like in most other cities in the world. Also, getting back to your hotel before dark will significantly improve your personal safety. That is not all we are telling you today. To help you have the best time on your next trip to Santiago, we have prepared a list of the city’s safest neighborhoods for a solo traveler like you.

1. Barrio Lastarria

This highly appealing neighborhood is home to high-end restaurants and street art. It is sandwiched between two safe neighborhoods, Bellavista and Bellas Artes, meaning that it is equally safe, if not safer. And because tourists flock these streets to buy souvenirs, you can bet that you will be safe here.

2. Mercado Vega

This neighborhood is among the best places to tour when in Santiago. It has many restaurants that sell local delicacies as well as gift shops that sell everything you need to bring back home as gifts for your loved ones. And because this neighborhood is only a stone-throw away from Mercado Central, you can bet that it is among the safest places for a female tourist to be at.

3. Barrio Italia

The unique architectural designs in this neighborhood set it apart from most cities in Latin America. There are also lots of contemporary architectural designs to see and tons of Chile’s history to learn. And because Chileans love their colors, this neighborhood will not disappoint any lover of interior and/or exterior house decorations. Thus, to have a vivid memory of this amazing city, you can order wall art canvas and hang it in your living room to have a look at it from time to time.

Besides all that, Barrio Italia is known for its laid back, relaxed, and peaceful vibe. You can actually count on this neighborhood whenever you wish to slow down and take stock.

4. Barrio Brasil

Hundreds of international visitors come here on a daily basis to learn Spanish and drink local booze in a 30 oz tumbler. Barrio Brasil is a very lively neighborhood; largely because there is a university nearby, meaning that most residents are youthful Chileans from across the country. These young people are friendly, welcoming, and focused on bettering the reputation of their hood. Visiting here is your perfect chance to chat with the learned youths and understand their perspective on different international topics. The best graffiti art in the whole of Chile is also found here.

5. Centro Cultural Palaceo La Moneda

The main highlight of Centro Cultural is the art museum that gives tourists a chance to interact with local artifacts and buy unique souvenirs. La Moneda Palace is based here, so there is a lot of Chilean history and modern governance to learn. The presence of the palace is also a guarantee that this place is very safe for everyone including female travelers.

6. Providencia

This business center has everything you need, from banks, shops, high-end accommodation, to restaurants. You name them. Residential apartments stand side by side with commercial buildings, including shopping malls, so you don’t need to go shopping far away from your room. It is safe to say that this area is among the most tranquil regions in Santiago.

7. Barrio Bellas Artes

The Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts is easily accessible from this neighborhood, while Plaza de Armas and Parque Forestal are both a stone-throw away. Tourists love to hang around Barrio Bellas Artes on their way to or from the mentioned attractions. And for anyone who wants to visit Santa Lucia Hill, he/she will have to pass by here. Simply put, you don’t have to worry about your security because there are thousands of fellow travelers to keep you company.

In Conclusion

Your bucket list will constantly be full when visiting Santiago. The good news is that you don’t have much to worry about in regards to your safety or security, so you will easily get your mind off things and enjoy life and the beauty of living.

If you are suffering from anxiety or lack of productivity, you will be able to recharge in Santiago so that by the time you report back to work, you will have found your rhythm in life.

Lastly, remember to order wall art canvas for your home decoration. Of course, there isn’t a better way of remembering Santiago than through a wall art hanging on a wall in your living room.

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