Safety Tips for First-Timers in Brazil

By 16 August, 2019

Samba, football, beaches, Amazon, and fantastic Rio… Brazil is a captivating place to visit thanks to its natural wonders and flamboyant culture. However, tourists who come here for the first time should stay sharp. Brazil’s intoxicating ambiance can be quite life-threatening if you relax too much and lose vigilance (You must have heard of its notorious street crime). If you want to have a chance to see and enjoy those striking Brazilian views from travel agency website design and bring home suitcases of happy memories, you should pay attention to these safety tips.

Get vaccines

If your itinerary includes uncivilized areas of Amazon rainforest, then Hepatitis A, Yellow Fever, Typhoid and Malaria vaccines can save your life. If you don’t plan to go wild and will only stay in big cities, you can do without vaccines.

Carry copies of documents

For safety reasons, instead of carrying your original documents (passport or driving license), make clear photocopies of your ID to show the authorities if asked. In Brazil, all foreigners must have identity proof with them.

Stay clear of favelas in the north zone in Rio

Favelas (slums) are Brazil’s specialty and pain at the same time. Many of them are run by gangs and involved in the drug trade. In Rio, southern favelas (Vidigal, Rocinha, or Tavares) are completely safe and even offer tourist tours there.

Watch your bag

A large or expensive handbag is the worse idea for Brazil. You should better opt for a small crossbody bag you can easily keep an eye on. Don’t carry all of your money with you. When on a beach, hide your bag under the beach towel.

Don’t stop on the red traffic signal at night

In Brazil, you are allowed to drive through the red light at night if the street is empty. This is not carelessness, but rather a safety precaution to minimize the risks of being robbed at the gunpoint.

Protect against mosquitos

Mosquitos in Brazil are merciless and infamous for spreading some awful diseases like zika, dengue, and chikungunya that cause fever, severe health issues, and even death. While in Brazil, apply the mosquito repellent daily and before you go to bed.

Use sunscreen and stay hydrated

Sun and heat are quite aggressive during Brazilian summer, so drinking at least 8 cups of water a day and applying sun protection is vital to experiencing cool Brazil’s outdoor attractions.

Use a guide while exploring the wildlife

The Amazon rainforest and Pantanal are breathtakingly beautiful. However, you should stay alert of the dangers (getting lost or meeting predators such as panthers, caimans, anacondas, or spiders) and visit these places with a reputable guide only.

Beware of dishonest taxi drivers

Some taxi drivers in Brazil (they are in the minority, fortunately) love overcharging tourists. The solution is to check both the taximeter and your itinerary on Google Maps to make sure you are not given a runaround. When at the airport, opt for a licensed taxi, which guarantees fair pricing.

Never fight back if being robbed

When attacked on the street, the best solution is to hand over the claimed thing(s), turn this sad page, and live further. Standing up for yourself can result in a much worse scenario when a robber uses his weapon.

Forget about drugs

Brazil is the worst place on Earth to try drugs. Not only because you risk horribly when going to favelas for it, but also because drugs are illegal in the country and fraught with rigorous prison penalties. Brazil has awful prison conditions (in case you still doubt).

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