South American Shores & the Caribbean: Explore the Exotic & Have Unforgettable Trips!

By 10 June, 2021

The sea expanses of aquamarine and cornflower blue sapphire, the gentle sun, and the extraordinary beauty of local beaches – all this give to lovers of unforgettable sea voyages Caribbean cruises and travel along the shores of South America. Among hundreds of tourist offers, these directions have always been distinguished by a special charm. Sea cruises in South America, including Argentina and Chile, are one of the most exotic destinations. It is worth noting that gambling is very popular in Venezuela and Argentina, and there are many gambling houses there. However, if your holiday program does not include such stops, you can always visit the casino no gamestop uk. Exotic tropical terrain, most of the year, pleases its guests with a warm and welcoming climate! Are you interested in the variety of many unfamiliar islands and archipelagos? – A cruise in the Caribbean on a liner will give you exactly the experiences that every lover of fascinating and good rest.

Popular Caribbean Cruise Itineraries

The local travel area has three directions. These are the western, eastern, and southern parts of the region. The most favorite travel destination among European tourists is precisely the Eastern part of the Caribbean. Here, amazing places are available for visiting that immerse the traveler in a rich world of entertainment or allow you to plunge into the mysterious beauty of ancient castles:

  • The port of San Juan is the most important transport and trade hub of the state of Puerto Rico. At the same time, it is its tourist center. It focuses the cultural and economic life (in fact, it is a well-preserved ancient city, in which the traveler has access to architectural monuments, masterpiece cathedrals, and a whole list of more modern entertainment);
  • Another attraction that includes the Caribbean cruises is the island of St. Thomas. Here tourists will find an unforgettable beach holiday, as well as a generous portion of the exotic in the form of the Blackbeard castle, which in its appearance resembles a visual decoration for historical films about pirates, treasures, as well as magic and sorcery;
  • Cruises from Miami to the Caribbean will show you the Bahamas. They, without exaggeration, are the center of local entertainment, for which the island of CocoCay is especially famous.

The most attractive places to visit are on the sandy coast of Mexico, which was the home of the legendary Maya tribe. Here, to this day, outlandish monuments of the legendary civilization have been preserved, to see with your own eyes which every traveler revered for happiness. By the way, you can see the beauty of the Caribbean in various slots in any windiggers casino no deposit bonus. Many modern providers pay a lot of attention to this colorful world. For example, you can enjoy the Caribbean Holidays slot from Novomatic or the Caribbean Treasures machine from iSoftBet.

South America: In the Footsteps of Famous Travelers

A cruise around South America is often part of longer itineraries – round-the-world cruises spanning a range of countries and islands, including those inaccessible to overland travelers, such as:

  • Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Saint Lucia;
  • Saint Martin;
  • Aruba;
  • Bonaire and others.

Cruise companies of premium and luxury class offer other interesting stops – the islands and bays of Antarctica. Choosing the itinerary of luxury cruise companies in South America, tourists can be sure that they will visit the most unusual places on our planet – and all this in the conditions of comfortable floating 5-star hotels. The liners will visit unique locations such as:

  • Devil’s island belonging to French Guiana;
  • Puerto Natales (Chile), the city from which tourists travel to the most famous national park in South America, Torres del Paine;
  • The islands of Tristan da Cunha were lost in the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition, you will have to see the Atlantic Ocean. Guests of cruise ships can fully enjoy a relaxing vacation on board with the highest level of service.

Finally: What is the high time to visit South America & the Caribbean Sea?

As the statistics of the most developed travel companies show, a cruise in the Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale or Florida (USA) is preferable during a period when the cold reigns on the European continent (these are all winter months plus March and April). In June, the hurricane season begins in the Caribbean, which lasts until mid-autumn. And, as we all understand, this is not the best time for idle travel. In addition, the period, which lasts from early autumn to late spring, is characterized by high air temperatures and a simultaneous decrease in humidity. That is why, after waiting for winter, you can make the most comfortable cruise from Miami, Florida, or New York across the Caribbean, enjoying leisure walks along with the most remarkable places of the chosen direction.

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