Starting a Film Production Company in Latin America

By 16 April, 2021

There is so much creative talent in the film industry as a whole, but it’s important to remember to look away from Hollywood sometimes and see what other amazing films are produced by people all over the world. Latin America, in particular, has a very rich talent pool of people working in this industry who deserve recognition, and if you’re one of those individuals, perhaps you would like to make your mark on the world? If you’re a passionate film-maker in Latin America who would like to start a production company, here are a few tips for you.

Cover the Basics

Any kind of business needs to carry out market research, develop a business plan, incorporate the company with the right authorities, and so on. Before you start creating fantastic films, you will first need to cover the basics of business management. There are likely to be different regulations depending on which Latin American country you’re residing in, so make sure you understand these before you proceed. You can find more tips on starting a business in Latin America here.

Find a Niche

You will also need to consider what kind of films you want to produce as a company. Is your passion for artistic, independent films? Or perhaps you love romantic comedies? Maybe it’s sci-fi and horror? You can choose to create more than one type of genre, of course, but starting by focusing on one niche might be more manageable and will help you build your brand as a production company. You should figure this out before you develop your business plan as it will have an impact on how you operate as a company.

Get Quality Software

Making films is more than just taking a few cameras out on location or a set in a studio. While getting all the right shots is essential, the post-production process is equally as important. To make sure your editing team can do the best job possible, invest in the best quality software you can afford. Additionally, you might want to look into getting some software that can provide you with a storyboard template to make pre-production easier as well.

Get a Legal Team

Making sure your company has access to a great lawyer who specializes in business and media is another vital asset for your business. Not only can they help you draw up contracts for actors, in-house staff, and for those you are hiring on a freelance basis, but they can help you with other processes like copyright laws and negotiate deals for your company. This will be essential for when you are trying to sell your film to distributors and if your production company does get into any legal complications.

Find the Right Team

Finally, make sure that the people you are getting involved in your production company are as passionate about what they do as you are. Film-making can be a very fun career, but it can also be very challenging and stressful. This is why you need to know your team are enthusiastic about what they do so they can work together to get the job done, even when it get tough.

If you want to set up a film production company in Latin America, make sure you’re using these tips to help you succeed.

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