Top-5 Studying Apps and Services Latin America Students Use Repeatedly

By 19 October, 2021

Students’ lives can barely be called a piece of cake. Yes, on the one hand, you’re young and have a lot of energy to conquer the world. But what is on the other side of the scale? You need to study all the time as your professors pile you with different tasks and projects. The good news is that technology is in your corner. In order to make your performance better, you can use various applications and studying services. There is a list of the best offers for students from Latin America. 


The first thing you need is a research paper writing service — a company that will be there for you each time you need to order an essay, movie review, lab report, or even a dissertation.

BidForWriting is the best website that will write essay for you because it is a team of real professionals who are well-aware of current academic requirements. If you need to write, edit, or rewrite your paper, just place an order with all the instructions. The interesting thing about this service is that it is based on bidding. Once your “help me write my paper”is submitted, you’ll start receiving offers from authors. Check the experts who have applied, and you’ll find the most suitable offer.

BidForWriting can be your last resort when you lack time, doubt your writing skills, or look for support from real professionals. With this service in your toolbelt, you’ll surely overcome all the college challenges.

What if you already have your paper written, but you’re not sure that it meets your professor’s expectations? ​​Writing an argumentative essay, students are usually focused on their arguments and evidence. Such things as word choice, formatting, punctuation, etc., don’t look that important. However, when you submit your home task, you need it to be flawless if you want to get a good grade. Even if you’ve written a very interesting essay paper, you’ll fail without detailed proofreading and editing. Things get harder if English is not your native language since your writing should sound native.

That’s where such services as Editius will be very helpful. It is a team of experienced editors who can read your paper with a keen eye in order to get rid of mistakes, flaws, and other weaknesses. The ordering process is pretty simple: just provide information about your academic level, type of paper, discipline, topic. It is also necessary to add details like the topic’s paper, style of formatting, number of sources. You can also choose a deadline and additional services, i.e., plagiarism report, abstract page, and high priority.

College problems are pretty challenging, but what if you want to find your first job? Even if you’re very good at essays writingor know where to ask for help, it doesn’t mean that you can come up with a decent resume or cover letter.

Resumestime is a popular platform for students with career aspirations. Whether you’re an entry-level specialist or a professional, you can order a CV writing or editing, cover letter writing, or LinkedIn makeover services. Resumestime’s writers are great experts from the best universities in the world. They have strong expertise in recruitment, and therefore know how to help you with your job search. 

For example, they can structure your document, include the necessary information, and delete non-relevant facts. They can choose the right words to positionate you on the career market and show that your candidacy is the perfect match. Depending on your current level and deadline, resume writing will cost you $66.99.

EDC stands for Educational Development Center, which is a global nonprofit that develops efficient solutions to improve education around the world. For more than 60 years, they have been a leader in advancing innovative and powerful programs that expand economic opportunity, promote health and help students. 

When it comes to helpful services Latin America students appreciate, we need to mention English for Latin America created by EDC. It is an interactive audio-instruction program that can be used to teach and learn English with the tools that help master language more effectively.

Of course, you can hire online essay writers if you doubt your command of the language. But it is a no-brainer that English proficiency is an appreciated skill throughout Latin America and the world. If you face some difficulties that don’t let you excel, contact EDC representatives in order to join this program and share your experience. 


Speaking about the most complicated disciplines, it is impossible to ignore mathematics. Most students can generate ​​ideas for essays,and they just need someone who will help them to choose the right words. But when it goes about math, you really need to dive deeper, learn a lot of concepts and formulas, solve various problems, etc.

Photomath is a helpful application that provides you with an opportunity to scan a tricky math problem or input it manually. 

And guess what? Once your task is uploaded, you can watch as the application instantly produces correct solving steps for it. The app can help you with elementary math, algebra and geometry, trigonometry, calculus, word problems, statistics, and other disciplines.

Use these steps to master the most complicated topics and take your math knowledge to the next level. What we really love about Photomath is that you do not just submit a completed solution; you learn from experts and excel at the discipline you’ve never liked before. 

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