The 5 Must-Visit Casinos In Chile

By 13 February, 2021

Gambling is something of all ages and cultures. And Vegas is far from the only place in the world to do so. Of course we know about Macau, Atlantic city or the betting stalls in the UK. But for the more adventurous spirits among us there’s Chile. We can all admit its not the first destination you think about when you’re in need of a weekend of gambling but it’s more than a good idea to combine a trip to South America with visiting some of Chile’s more attractive casinos. We have put together a list of the ones that are worth a visit. Here are the 5 best casinos in Chile:

Our first mention goes to the Monticello Grand Casino in San Francisco de Mostazal. This luxury casino doesn’t only offer the joys of playing a game of chance but boasts a luxury hotel worthy of the best in the world as well as a bustling night club where you can celebrate winning that grand jackpot.

If there’s one casino which can give the Monticello a run for its money, it’s the Vina Del Mar Casino. It’s been built right by the ocean so you can combine your beach vacation with some good old fashioned gambling excitement. It offers a large choice of machines and table games where every gambler can find something he/she fancies.

In Coyhaique you can find the Dreams Casino. This building in traditional architecture is a real gem! They have a great restaurant and very comfortable high-end hotel. You can easily spend a few days at this location having fun on their numerous machines and tables.

When you’re discovering the wonderful region of Punta Arenas and you feel like taking your chances one evening, be sure to stop by in the Dreams Casino where you’re sure to get value-for-money dining, gambling and service.

Last but not least: When you’re looking for a more classic casino experience the Casino Marina del Sol in Talcahuano is the place to be. You can be sure to find a more intimate and local experience in this tropical location.

For the gamblers that feel like having fun from the comfort of their home via an online casino in Chile the best is to register on a specialised website. On Betiton, players get offered a welcome bonus to start them off on the right foot. They have access to traditional casino games, as well as the more modern games to have fun with. The best thing is that you only need a computer or a smartphone to be able to enjoy gambling from your home or hotel.

Online gambling has grown exponentially worldwide and Latin America is not lagging behind. In Brazil, for example, eSports has become the main competition. In 2018, this sector increased by 13.5% of games compared to the previous year. This rate is expected to rise to 50% over the next three years, with Mexico, Argentina and Brazil leading the way.

South America indeed has a rich history of gambling making this market fertile. Especially for online poker and its many variants.

In view of the previous lines, the impressive state of today’s global online gambling industry is only the beginning. According to data published by Newzoo, almost 30% of the world’s population has played video games – via a smartphone, computer or console, spending 137.9 billion dollars.

And global events like Covid-19 are only accelerating the trend. It is clear that people are increasingly looking to have fun online, especially as bars and restaurants are under constant threat of closure. The 2020 forecast of over $159 billion in online gaming sales is therefore likely to become a reality.

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