The 5 Must-Visit Casinos in Costa Rica

By 11 January, 2021

Beautiful Costa Rica attracts hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists to its coast every year. Beginning in the early 20th century, gambling gained massive popularity in the country, read more info on the website. What makes gambling in Costa Rica unique is not the casinos or the games that they offer, but the picturesque landscape and the opulent resorts.

Despite the apparent lackluster gambling scenery, Costa Rican casinos flourish significantly well compared to its counterparts in Vegas or Macau. And although most of the establishments are usually a small part of a large resort, they are worth a visit. On that note, here’s our list of the top ten brick-and-mortar casinos to visit when in Costa Rica. However, if you prefer online casinos over land-based casinos, click here to check out the best online casinos in your region.

If you are just going to Costa Rica, then on the way you will have something to entertain yourself by visiting the best online casino with live roulette.

Top 5 Costa Rican Casinos to Visit in 2021

1. Fiesta Casino Herradura – As we mentioned earlier, most casinos in Costa Rica are a part of a large resort and Fiesta is no different. The casino is very popular with punters of different age groups and the table games here are often slated to be the best in the country. The portfolio includes craps, roulette, poker, tute, and a variety of related games. Moreover, there are over 85 video slot machines on the gaming floor.

2. Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino – Situated in Liberia, Best Western El Sitio Hotel & Casino is a must-visit when in town. The city is well connected via the Pan-American Highway thanks to its proximity to the coastline. Additionally, visitors can compare the local casino offerings with those available on Mostbet for a broader gambling experience. The casino does not disappoint, however, and hosts a ton of table games and video slot machines that both amateur and veteran gamblers can enjoy. But you don’t have to worry if you don’t want to visit you can still enjoy yourself at your hotel with the best online casino in the US

3. Best Western Hotel & Casino Kamuk – If you’re looking to treat yourself while in Costa Rica, Best Western Hotel & Casino Kamuk is the way to go. The 4-star resort is located in Quepos while the Pacific Ocean is barely at a minute’s walk. An important part of the Best Western Resort chain, the casino here offers a myriad collection of table games like mini-baccarat, rummy, roulette, and an eclectic collection of video slots.

4. Byblos Resort & Casino – A unique jungle resort located atop a hill in Manuel Antonio, Byblos Resort & Casino is one of the most premium properties in this part of the country. And apart from an array of activities like kayaking, fishing, and surfing, the guests can also revel in the novel casino experience that the property offers. Apart from the generic table games found at other casinos in the region, Byblos regularly hosts live tournaments for the patrons.

In addition, review of Palm casino offer a wide range of table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and more. These games require strategy, skill and intuition, which makes them particularly attractive to experienced players.

5. Doubletree Cariari by Hilton San Jose – Located barely 15 minutes from san Jose, Doubletree Cariari by Hilton is among the most opulent properties in Costa Rica. The resort also has a casino to match, packed with activities to keep the patrons entertained through the day. The casino also hosts Caribbean Stud Poker, which is often the primary draw for tourists.

The conservative laws that exist in the Caribbean are deeply rooted in Central America’s long history of drug trafficking. Though many countries in the region have eased their regulations on marijuana and CBD, recreational use has been restricted and banned in many of the islands. While most countries have zero tolerance for drugs, more and more of the islands are slowly recognizing the economic and medical benefits of CBD, slowly creating avenues for future changes in favor of CBD oil use. If you’re looking for some entertainment while staying in the Caribbean, you might also want to explore the options for best casino sites for real money that can provide some extra excitement during your visit.

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