The 5 Must-Visit Casinos in South America

By 12 January, 2021

If you’re an avid poker fan or enjoy the casino experience in general, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for options beyond the usual gambling hubs like Vegas, Macau, or London, join us as we explore the best of the emerging casino industry in South America. You’ll be surprised to find that there’s an eclectic collection of casinos south of the US border and before you book your flights, here’s our list of the top five must-visit casinos in Latin America.

Top 5 South American Casinos that You Must Visit in 2021

1. City Centre Rosario, Argentina – Located in Argentina’s Santa Fe province, City Centre Rosario is renowned for offering a real all-inclusive experience. Not only does the property boast the nation’s largest casino, but it also has an extensive collection of restaurants, spas, an arena packed with entertainment options, and a convention centre. Over 3,000 video slot machines spread over the gaming floor along with 50 gaming tables, a poker room, a VIP section, a disco room and so much more!

2. Sun Monticello, Chile – Formerly Monticello Grand Casino and Entertainment World, the resort opened in 2009 amidst much fanfare. Located 45-minutes barely from Santiago, Sun Monticello has gone from strength to strength over the years. The property includes a 5-star resort, an exclusive evening club, ten gourmet restaurants, an auditorium, a spa, and a conference facility. Apart from generic table games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, Punto Banco is quite popular at Sun Monticello.

3. Casino Iguazu, Argentina – The second Argentinian casino on our list, is located close to the mesmerizing Iguazu Falls. The casino opened its doors to the public in 1994 with 34 gambling tables hosting the very best of Western games including Texas Hold’em. Over the years, Casino Iguazu has grown beyond means and even hosts the coveted Iguazu Masters Invitation every year. The property regularly hosts the biggest stars in South America’s entertainment industry.

4. Ocean Sun Casino, Panama – The stylish and swanky super-exclusive casino is located right next to what used to be the Trump Tower in Panama. Now run by the global arm of JW Mariott, the resort is one of the most opulent properties in the country. The iconic casino is housed within the 70-story building overlooking the Panama Bay. The property houses close to 600 slot machines and 37 table games combined with a sports betting service, a sports bar, and fine-dining facilities, and an open terrace.

5. Crowne Plaza Maruma Hotel & Casino, Venezuela – Venezuela’s checkered past when it comes to gambling is a reason for concern, and the government keeps a very tight grasp over the market. The Crowne Plaza is an inseparable part of the nation’s history and holds its own with any contemporary casino around the world. While the casino itself is quite modest, it offers a holistic gaming experience. But if you prefer gambling from home comfort, a real money casino site is what you need.

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