The 6 Best Physical Casinos in Latin America

By 02 October, 2023

When deciding to go on vacation, we are faced with a wide variety of options as to where we will visit. To choose it, we usually take into account many factors, such as the climate of the place, the type of tourism we are looking to do and the accommodation options that the place presents, among others. But what we certainly should not overlook are the options we will have when it comes to entertainment. This is important for casinos without GamStop fans, especially those looking for the best casinos.

In several Latin American countries, the number of physical casinos and their capacity is limited by law. It is important to be informed and know where and how to find the best casinos for maximum enjoyment.

The gaming industry in Latin America generates 3.1% of the sector’s global revenue. This includes both physical locations and online casinos. While it is not comparable to the industry movement in the US or Asia, it has been growing and consists of incredible casinos that are worth visiting.

It is natural that larger cities with larger populations have larger casinos. These in turn will offer a greater number of gaming tables and better services. You will find surprises in the ranking of the best casinos in Latin America, especially when it comes to countries that have more flexible laws regarding gambling or those that are dedicated to tourism.

How to Choose the Best Non GamStop Casinos?

When determining the best casinos, many factors make a difference. It’s not just about the variety of games and number of roulette wheels, although this is undoubtedly important. Casinos are adding more additional services to their facilities in order to compete with online casinos. The vast majority have their own bar, live shows and ATMs, among other services. Many are located in high-end hotels, which provide even more amenities. It’s about finding the best balance between gameplay, customer service and infrastructure.

Putting all these aspects on the table, we will show you below which are the best casinos that make up the top 10 in Latin America.

Majestic Casino, Peru

The Majestic Casino is part of the luxurious and renowned JW Marriott Hotel of the international chain Marriott International. It is located on the boardwalk of the Miraflores district, in the country’s capital. It earns a place in our ranking of the best casinos due to the quality of its services. Highlights include the famous Majestic restaurant with a menu rated “exceptional”, its exclusive VIP area and its lounge room. The Majestic has 200 modern slot machines and a wide variety of games. These are American roulette, blackjack tables, Caribbean poker, craps and baccarat.

Big Bola Casino, Querétaro, Mexico

The Big Bola casino not only stands out for its large size. Being located next to the bullring with a large entertainment area offers its clients a comprehensive leisure experience. Another plus point is that it is part of the Big Bola casino chain. This means that users can regularly access important benefits offered by the “Big Club Rewards”. With this loyalty program, members generate “bolipoints”, which can be exchanged for game credits.

Enjoy Casino, Punta del Este, Uruguay

This casino was formerly called Casino Hotel Conrad. It earns its recognition largely due to its unparalleled location on the promenade of the city of Punta del Este. It has an incredible view of the ocean in front of Gorriti Island. It is part of the emblematic Hotel Enjoy Punta del Este and is one of the few private casinos in Latin America. It has more than 500 slot machines and 75 table games. In addition, it offers a poker room with 12 gaming tables and exclusive VIP rooms. In the same complex, there is a nightclub, a complete spa, 3 children’s spaces, a shopping promenade and 5 restaurants.

The Enjoy casino in Punta del Este, with its 10 convention rooms, has hosted exclusive live concerts by artists with great international recognition. It has also hosted important corporate and government events in the region.

Casino Enjoy Viña del Mar, Chile

This is the municipal casino of Viña del Mar, with Enjoy Viña del Mar being its commercial name. This is because its concession is held by the Enjoy hotel chain. It has a great history since it had its origins more than 100 years ago. In 1914 its creation was commissioned to be finally inaugurated in 1930. It is considered a place of “historical and architectural interest” by the city’s municipal council.

The complex in which it is immersed has a 4-star hotel, spa, two restaurants, a nightclub and various event rooms. From its facilities, there is direct access to the beach, which facilitates a complete leisure experience.

Casino Life del Valle, Mexico

At the Life del Valle casino, we can find one of the best decorations in a gaming centre. In addition, its large spaces and its wide variety of games available make this a more than enjoyable place. It is located in the heart of Colonia del Valle, one of the largest residential and commercial neighbourhoods in Mexico City. It is part of the Mexican casino group «Casino Life».

A particularity of this centre is that in addition to its numerous state-of-the-art tables and slot machines, it has a sports betting area.

Its concert hall is also very renowned and is accompanied by a varied gastronomic proposal.

Ocean Sun Casino, Panama

The Ocean Sun casino occupies three floors of the Trump International Hotel and Tower and has 70 floors and ocean views. Its proximity to the sea gives it an enviable environment. Its facilities are not the largest, but it earns the number 5 position in our ranking because it is one of the most recommended by the public on Tripadvisor. In addition, it has received one of the best reviews from experts. It has 600 slot machines and dozens of tables to play cards and roulette. The hotel has first-class rooms and a restaurant with one of the best views of Panama from the terrace.


These are just some of the best casinos that Latin America has to offer. As we have already mentioned, in this region the gaming industry is in a moment of radical expansion and will surely continue to surprise us in the coming years with new projects.

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