The Best Latin American Films From The Past Two Decades

By 05 November, 2020

Latin American actors, directors and film lovers have always been some of the best in the film industry however when it comes to films, they have always been subjective as the film doesn’t have to be a masterpiece for it to change our minds. Today we have looked a little further into some of the most moving Latin American films in recent times and why they have been so effective.

One of our favourites from the past twenty years in terms of Latin-American films has got to be From Afar which was initially released from Venezuela back in 2015. First-time Venezuelan director Lorenzo Vigas who went onto to brilliantly write movies such as 21 Grams and Amores Perros due to his success from From Afar. This film sees a violent conflict between two young men in a gang-torn country where one forces the other to do activities that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Gueros is quite possible the most famous film on this list to a wider audience due to it winning five Ariel Awards including best picture back in 2015 due to it brilliant directorship by Alonso Ruizpalacios. This film sees a young family go many struggles that many young families around the world go through including neglect, racism, poverty and really uses these issues to drive the plot of this family and really is a creative tragedy.

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And finally, The Secret In Their Eyes comes to us from Argentina in 2009 which was hosted to us by Juan Jose Campanella who directed, wrote, produced and edited this crime drama which went on to become one of the Best Latin American films of all time. This film sees a judiciary employee and his boss investigate a rape and murder case with a twist of romance during the journey; this film is certainly a must watch for many if you are a fan of crime dramas.

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