The Best Places to See Street Art in Latin America

By 28 January, 2020

People have different skills, interests, and abilities, and while there are those who are intellectually adept, there are also those who are keen on the arts. In the same manner, people also travel for different purposes and while some do travel for business purposes, there are also those travelers who embark on a journey to pursue their passion. 

Thus, if you are one traveler who have an immense love for the arts, here are some of the best places for you to see street artists, particularly in Latin America.

Bogota, Colombia

One will be able to find authentic artwork from the murals that line up the streets of Bogota in Colombia. These large-scale pieces transform an ordinary village into a living art exhibit. Bogota even hosts a street art tour for its tourists. This is the best avenue to meet authentic street artists in town.

Valparaiso, Chile

You will be able to meet some of the best street artists in Chile, particularly in the chaotic but the colorful city of Valparaiso. The city’s street art is interwoven into its structural fabric, making it difficult to find a segregation between the two art schemes. The street graffiti livens up certain sections of the city into a colorful haven.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Artists and tourists alike love going to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where local artists continuously revolutionizing the place with their masterpieces. The best art spots are literally everywhere in the city, but it is still highly recommended to register in a street art tour to fully appreciate the entire view.

Quito, Ecuador

Quito is Ecuador’s capital city center and street art is not yet decriminalized in this part of town. However, this means little to street artists as murals and art works make it a point that no wall in the city is white. Venture to Floresta, Guápulo, and Monteserrín for those die hard street art fans and you will not be disappointed in meeting the most talented street artists in the city.

For some, simply travelling to these destinations is not enough, entailing the need for them to capture the street art they get to experience in still shots. The experts behind Art Photo Limited allows different individuals to take home with them an intricate photograph of these street arts from their travel, making it possible for those who embarked on the journey to have a keepsake of these street art displayed on their office wall or bedroom. The seamless process from printing the photograph to the delivery of the framed images encourage more and more art enthusiasts to print the stills they capture.

People have different reasons to travel, in the same manner that people also have different interests and passions. Nevertheless, for people who love to travel to different places in order to pursue their passion for the arts, Latin America can be considered as one of the best destinations where you can see various street artists. Thereby, in your pursuit of the love for arts, include Latin America in your next travel destination.

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