The best ways to spend your vacation in the Caribbean islands

By 17 June, 2021

Vacation can be spent in several ways; while some individuals may prefer to stay home playing on online casinos, others may prefer to go traveling and sightseeing famous resort sites around the world such as the Caribbean islands. If you’re such a Canadian who loves to stay home instead, then we have provided the online casinos Canada players have access to.

You can access the best legal online casinos. The Caribbean islands, having almost perfect weather conditions, beautiful shores, cobalt blue waters, and pleasant breezes, are a foremost destination for vacations throughout the year. The Caribbean Sea is populated by thirteen sovereign states, seventeen territories and has thousands of islands that are renowned tourist attraction sites, that have their fascinations.

One major factor that makes the islands so popular is the number of resorts available making it a very relaxed choice when considering going on vacation. What this means is that on one trip, you can visit different tourist sites. We have come up with the best ways to spend your vacation in the Caribbean islands.

The British Virgin Islands

For an optimum vacation, this has to be at the top of your list. A trip to the Caribbean islands is not complete without checking out the British Virgin Islands. The islands are a collection of about 60 different islands, hence you have no scarcity of where to explore, the reefs available for diving, the white sandy beaches where your toes can be sunk into, and more. The Islands have a combination of tourist and adequate events and housing to contain top luxurious, as well as rural experiences.

One thing you will love here are the Beaches, from the renowned Tortola Island’s Cane-Garden Bay to the peaceful Peter’s Island Deadman’s Beach, the cobalt-blue waters surrounding the island are also perfect for sailing, surfing, and the likes.

U.S. Virgin Islands

This is another very good tourist attraction site you can visit for your vacation. The United States Virgin Islands is made up of St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas. Island-hopping between the 3 is relatively easy.

St. Croix: It is the largest of the three islands, this island is one commonly used by couples on their honeymoons, the waters are also used for scuba diving. The length of the island extends to 22 miles, together with perfect cultural scenery and 2 cities.

St. Thomas: This is the most varied Island which draws visitors from different parts of the world. There is a cultural city center on the island which serves as an attraction for family travelers and couples.

St. John: This island is not as big as the other two, it is also more rural. Hence, it offers so much natural beauty. About 2/3rd of it is regarded as protected so it is easy to witness the Caribbean in a more natural state here.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia offers a tropical paradise and is easily the foremost place for a honeymoon in the Islands. It is not difficult to see why- It has got several classy resorts and the same way it is an energy booster for adrenaline addicts is the same way it’s just as soothing to peace-loving individuals. The majority of those on vacation here spend their days at the fresh beaches. The foremost ones include the Plantation and the Anse Des Sables Beaches.

Some great ways you can spend your time here are taking part in off-road events, and if you’re brave enough, ziplining across the forest. You can also go snorkeling and diving in the waters. Even though the island has a quiet and peaceful natural look, Rodney Bay has exciting nightlife there.

Dominican Republic

One main attraction of this Island is its size and also the ease of reaching there. From Europe, it takes about 8 hours to get there, and from Miami, it takes about 2 hours, both via flight. It offers a lengthy beach, so if that’s your main preference, you can select from a 250-mile beach on the Island.

If you visit, some of the best ways to spend your vacation include visiting places like Puerto Plata, Punta Cana in which you’ll find various fun tourist attraction sites for diving, snorkeling, going on expeditions, and more.


Jamaica has a way of getting you imbibed into the culture. Hence, at departure time, you tend to feel among, that’s how much of an effect a vacation to Jamaica could be. This is because nearly every street corner you go expresses the culture, right from the reggae music to the speech of the locals. You definitely will get yourself absorbed in no time. Access to Jamaica is also not difficult as planes frequently fly over there.

Most tourists stay at Negril’s 7 Mile Beach as it’s the ideal place for vacation. Other places you will enjoy include the Dunn River Falls in which hiking and swimming can be done. The Blue Mountains is another place for the perfect expedition, though ensure you go with a guide.


Barbados offers a variety of enticing natural spots for tourists. Some of these include Animal Flower Cave, Harrison’s Cave, which are sea caves open to tourists. The attractions here are ideal for you if you love to snorkel, as you’ll be able to have an expedition that permits you to swim alongside sea turtles and also view shipwrecks.

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