The Cultural Influence of Latin America in Ireland is Growing

By 24 May, 2023

Ireland is known throughout the world for its rich cultural heritage, and there’s no doubt that the country’s ideas about music and arts differ greatly from those found in Latin America. However, there are also many similarities between the two cultures, with nobody doubting the shared passion and enthusiasm for music and film.

In recent years, Latin American culture has been having a greater influence on the Emerald Isle, with the regular Ritmo Latino Festival in Dublin celebrating many of the fruits that this part of the world has to offer. This is helping more people learn about the ways of many South and Central American countries, and it could lead to new cultural collaborations and influences in the future.

Latin American Film and Music Celebrated in Dublin Every Year

Latin American music and film has a long and rich history in Ireland, but it’s easy to pinpoint key developments that have helped boost the art in the country. One of the most obvious turning points was the release of Alfonso Cuarón’s Y Tu Mamá También in 2001. It was an enormously popular film worldwide, and its themes had a strong impact on Irish film in the years since. A recent example was Joyride in 2022. It featured road trip themes that could have drawn some inspiration from Cuarón’s picture.

Along with being inspirational, Y Tu Mamá También was an example of a picture in the pre-internet era that helped people in Ireland learn about Latin American culture. Since then, increasing numbers of bands and musicians from Central and South American countries have gained popularity in Ireland. For example, the likes of Carlos Santana, Enrique Iglesias, and Juanes are all well-loved across the Emerald Isle.

The rise of Latin American arts in Ireland is underlined by the emergence of the Ritmo Latino Festival, which takes place in Dublin every year. There are various aspects of the event that help to promote the culture to people in Ireland. One of the main features is the array of bands playing Latin music on stage. Some of the performances are done by local Irish bands as well, showcasing how Latin American music is having an influence on Irish music. That’s interesting because Irish music also permeated Latin America in the past.

Attendees of the Ritmo Latino Festival can enjoy traditional food that they may not come across much in Ireland. There’s also the opportunity to discover Latin countries through some of their most inspiring artwork. Artists from countries like Colombia and Cuba are often in attendance, showing off their paintings and sculptures.

Latin American Celebrities Drawn to Ireland’s Welcoming Environment

In the past, Latin American celebrities may have thought that travelling to Ireland would be a major culture shock. Nowadays, though, with the spread of the culture and the exchange of ideas, the country is a highly welcoming environment for Latin personalities. There are many stars from Central and South America who have become household names in Ireland, with Diego Luna being a prime example of a recent mainstream success.

Luna gained international acclaim as Cassian Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and then continued to play the character in the critically lauded Andor. In the latter, the Mexican starred alongside the hugely popular Irish actress, Fiona Shaw, which further boosted the love of the series in Ireland.

It’s not just television and music personalities who feel at home in Ireland, either. Indeed, some of the world’s best-known Latin American poker players often join in the main events held in the country. For example, Brazilian Felipe Tavares Ramos recently participated in the Irish Poker Open 2023 in Dublin.

The poker scene is continuing to grow in Ireland, with players spoilt for choice between the best online poker sites in the country. These are arranged based on their welcome bonuses, which often involve 100 percent deposit matches. Playing online is an excellent way for players to learn the game before they try their luck at the felt in a major tournament. It’s this booming scene that’s also helped to attract major foreign stars to events in the country.

Lots of Opportunities

The fact that some of Latin America’s most famous faces are also adored in Ireland shows how other celebrities can tap into this market to promote their music and films as well. This is something that up-and-coming artists should bear in mind. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever for people from Latin America to promote their content to other regions like Ireland.Latin American culture has gradually been gaining a stronger influence in Europe, and the rise of its popularity in Ireland is an indicator of that. Along with celebrating the culture in Dublin, it’s easy to see how films and music from Central and South America are influencing artists from Ireland more and more every year. Ireland has become a welcoming place for Latin American celebrities, and it’s a great market for up-and-coming artists to get into as well.

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