The Most Popular iGaming Events in Brazil

By 18 February, 2021

While we continue to live in a world surrounded by computers and high-fi technology, it is not unusual to see our favourite games turn to online versions as well. If anything, this current pandemic has taught us the many benefits of mankind’s greatest invention, the Internet. From keeping us all connected to our loved ones anywhere in the world, to allowing us to resume our work and education, it has done wonders. With popular applications like Zoom and WhatsApp, every working sector found a way to operate remotely. 

As students, teachers, health care workers, and companies switched to the online world, so did most of the gaming. Amongst this, was online gambling. Although the concept originally dates back to the late 90s, it was not too sought after as fans usually preferred physically going to casinos to gamble. Even so, the lockdown imposed restrictions all over the globe on restriction on outings, which eventually led to a major rise in the online gambling sector. 

iGaming – How Does It Work?

An easy explanation of the term iGaming would be to say that it is placing bets on the results of online games, but mainly, online gambling. With advancements to enhance the playing experience of online poker, the platforms are built using blockchain technology. Not only do they make the game easy to operate, more user friendly, and secure, but also innovates the iGaming thrill. 

The Rise To Success

Over the past 15 years, the iGaming fan base has seen a huge rise, thus making it the fastest growing industry ever. The future predictions seem to crown this specific industry for earning the most. The question here is, to what does it owe all this success? Listed below are the answers:

  1. The emergence of the online gamble and its success attracts many to place their bets on the outcomes. 
  2. Recent advancements allow players to enjoy a high quality from the comfort of their homes, thus making better gameplays and more opportunities for iGamers. 
  3. The rise of mobile phone games makes the whole experience more appealing and easily accessible as people use their phones almost every day. 
  4. Online casinos tend to offer exciting offers, bonuses, and promotions that are truly hard to resist. 
  5. Many companies now offer versions, which tempts more users to try demos and enjoy free online slots without the hassle of payment.

While online gaming has taken off globally, the booming online industry in Brazil may just make it the biggest gambling market all over the world, eventually. 

iGaming in Brazil – OGS

The young generation in Brazil indulged in the online world a few years ago, specifically in gaming, be it on computers or smartphones. As of now, their efforts and dedication have led to the development of better digital platforms with advanced programming tools. 

The wide fame of gambling in Brazil eventually led to President Jair Bolsonaro legalizing it and proceeding to its advancements. With this, the iGaming sector escalated, as more and more locals, as well as foreigners, started to place bets on sports. These sports are not just for poker and gambling, but also other competitive games, including the Olympics. The results were massive, and as of 2018, it even resulted in an official online gaming summit. 

The first online gaming summit in Brazil, or just OGS, held in the Pacaembu football stadium, invited suppliers, sponsors, and lawmakers from all over the world to discuss the potential of sports betting in Brazil. Years of success and peaked interest from the public demanded a separate platform for betting, which is why this summit discussed providing the fans with productive and beneficial gambling. 

With this, the second edition of the widely famous OGS took place in December of 2019, to plan on how to meet the expectations and desires of the diverse fan base of sports betting in Brazil. This time, it gathered even more participants, including renowned local and international players along with industry experts. Together, they debated over various aspects of the gambling market in Brazil, fretting over feasibility plans, operations, and expanding the industry further. For the majority of the casino companies, this is a wonderful opportunity. They get to enhance their sales and collaborate with the biggest sponsors and authorities who attend the summit. 

What The Future Holds

It is nearly impossible to predict what the future holds, but given the modern and technologically advanced era we live in, one thing is for sure; computers will get better. Without a doubt, we will be seeing innovations that will leave our jaws open. The concept of virtual reality is an example. What once seemed like just a fantasy, has now turned into a reality. The gaming industry was quick to adopt the new feature to enhance the experience, and it sure did take it up a notch. For online gamblers, it is almost like being in an actual casino atmosphere, even though they are probably only sitting on their couches and wearing VR gear. 

The future promises to bring in artificial intelligence. Not only will this provide online gamers with a realistic experience, but will also improve their skills, as they interact on professional levels. The AI feature in gambling will automatically adjust the difficulty level of the game as per the player’s abilities so that the beginners and the experts can enjoy their level of skill. 

Another useful trend is big data, which is capable of storing huge volumes of data and information that circulates online. It is a crucial tool for the iGaming sector, and if implemented, can store the wide data of players and gaming activities. With risks in cybersecurity, industries are now moving towards the use of big data to store their information as it promises efficiency, security, and ease of operation. 

Once these technologies come together, one can only imagine the exciting experience they would offer. Players anticipate the day they can enjoy a real game using just their AR and VR devices. 

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