The Online Casino Industry is Taking Off in Peru – Here’s Why

By 05 November, 2020

We have recently seen a huge boom in users taking to online casino gaming sites, especially in the U.S. and U.K. However, the trend is also quickly spreading to South America as more and more people are being entertained by their favorite casino games at home and on the go. One country in particular, Peru, has noted how this sector benefits the economy and has gained a wide following amongst its citizens. In turn, they have begun to build up the market internally with hopes to grow it even more in the future.

With nearly 33 million inhabitants, Peru is the third largest country in South America by population, with a large percentage of those people connecting to the internet every day 

A new online look and feel

Over the course of the last few years, Peru’s government has been working hard towards making something of an online transformation; the aim is to globalize different communication networks while, at the same time, producing economic growth and connectivity throughout the country. The online gaming sector plays a big role in this initiative as an example of a digital business channel. The country is following global trends from countries like Canada, where this industry serves the people through entertainment from a wide range of games; this includes the latest additions to online casino games, like live casino games with real dealers and video poker. In addition to that, users have been getting more and more accustomed to playing on smartphones or other portable devices. 

The Peruvian government also wish to improve services that help to make these sites secure and trustworthy. There are some sites that even offer virtual help desks that the user can go to for questions or technical issues. People will enjoy games more when they know that they are playing in a safe network, using systems whose aim is a high-level of security for every customer. This is great news for the industry as more and more people will have a higher-quality access to online play, increasing user frequency and loyalty little by little.

Growth of the mobile phone

According to statistics, 50% of Peruvians have access the internet and 82% are using a mobile or smartphone to do so.  With more than 40 million mobile lines running throughout the country, there has been a significant rise in the use of these devices in recent years. The growth in this market pushes businesses to advertise online more, adapting and improving their methods of marketing and sales. The same goes for the casino sector as reports indicate a rise in connectivity each year. The good news for Peruvian players is that legislation is in the works which would regulate the processes for online providers in the country.

What should we expect for the future?

A continued growth in the number of online casino gamers is expected as these activities become more regulated and popular. Between the digital transformations and the mobile boom, as well as many online platforms offering bonuses and prizes for their users, the option of playing from home is extremely appealing. Sites may even begin to utilize audience segmentation as a marketing tactic to narrow in on their customers and appeal to their culture. For example, in specific Inca communities, there seem to be more consumers of online casinos than other parts of the country. In any case, no matter the community or group of users, its important to consider all the factors before signing up for an online casino, such as diversity of game collection, type of software providers, deposit options, efficiency of support team, and more. All in all, work is being done to increase regulation and accessibility of these platforms for people all over the country and we only expect to see an increase in those efforts and successful results in the coming years.

As more Peruvians get their hands on smartphones, online gaming will continue to rise, and even more so amongst the younger generations

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