The Origin of Gambling Culture in Argentina

By 05 August, 2019

Games of chance are fun methods whose origins go back more than 3000 years. In this type of games the odds of losing or winning, were not linked to the skills of the player, they depended exclusively on the luck he had, hence its name: Games of chance. These games were invented with the purpose of allowing men to have fun during their free time tempting luck.

China was the cradle of the games of chance, in the year 500 BC there were already carried out bets in races and fights of men, also of animals, these bets were carried out for amusement and money. The appearance of Chinese cards as a game of chance came with the invention of paper. These cards became popular in a very short time, due to their easy handling, attractive design, lightweight and the complexity of their game. Little by little the games of chance were expanding everywhere, evolving and growing. (Source:

Games of chance in Europe in the Middle Ages

In the Europe of the Middle Ages, the most complex games of chance and the fun they provided were exclusively reserved for the nobility, who had a lot of free time and enough money to spend. In the lower classes the most popular and affordable game of chance was the dice game, however, in the middle of 1440 with the invention of the printing press, the cards were printed in batches and could reach the lower classes. During the end of the feudal system the quality of life of the working and lower classes improved considerably and gambling became more popular among all classes. During the Renaissance a large number of casinos were created, where Poker and other types of gambling were the main attraction.

Types of Gaming

Currently games of chance are classified into various types, the most popular are:

  • Slot machines
  • Heads or tails
  • Bingo and the lottery
  • Quinielas and sports betting
  • Card games: Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Truco, Brisca, Escoba, etc.
  • Craps games: Roulette, Ludo, Backgammon, among others.

Beginnings of the games of chance in Argentina

The appearance of gambling in Argentina originated due to the influence of Spanish culture. During the independent era, the taste for gambling, which was so passionate among the colonials, was preserved and even increased. The fondness for gambling was among all social classes, especially among men of arms. Playing was a way to socialize, have fun and earn a little money to pay debts, in towns and cities was betting on dice, cards, dominoes, rings, lottery, billiards, the wheel of fortune or roulette, among others. The most popular card game was the Truco and also one in which some of the players used to cheat, which in several occasions culminated in strong fights and caused the appearance of the prohibitions of games of chance, which were hardly obeyed.

It was in the year 1895 when an agreement was reached that granted to the Lottery of Beneficence

National absolute control of legitimate gambling, however, illegal gambling continued to grow, which is why in 1902 a ban on illegal gambling was issued, which was firmer than the previous one. In spite of this the games

Officials and illegals continued to increase in Argentina, with Buenos Aires being the city with the largest increase.

Turf, the king of legal gambling

Between the years 1880 and 1920 Turf was an elitist betting game, only the high and refined class met at the racetrack to enjoy the pleasure and fun that this game offered, however, the game was democratizing as it gained popularity, years later shared its gala with football. The soccer bets in Argentina were made illegally, until November 5, 1971 was approved the contest of Sports Predictions, in this contest the play was weekly and was the precursor contest of what today is the most popular game of chance in Argentina, the betting game.

Sports quiniela, a sports game of chance

La quiniela is a very popular game of chance in Argentina, where a large number of people are fans of sports, especially football. This game of chance consists of making a forecast of several sports matches, if you hit the player will get a lucrative bonus.

Online Casinos in Argentina

Gambling is becoming more and more popular and with online casinos, it is no longer necessary for the player to leave home to have fun and gamble. In Argentina this modality of game has become very demanded by the facility, practicality and benefits that it offers to the player, the most famous online casinos in this country are: 888 Casino, Betfair Casino, Merkur Magic, Betson Casino and Casino 777. In addition to being the most popular casinos in Argentina and on the Internet, these casinos allow users to play for free in some games with Free Spin Bonuses, which allows them to get to know the game in question a little more and obtain real earnings that allow them to continue playing.

Free Spins Bonus: what they are and how to get it

This is a type of bonus that the operator gives to players and that is intended for video slots and other types of online casino games. With these bonuses you can win real money, they can only be used in the type of game indicated and the amount of spins is limited. The way to get the Free Spins Bonus depends on the casino in which the player registers, generally these are granted when new casino members register and deposit for the first time, although they can also be given to regular players.

888Casino free spins

In 888 Casino there is the option of 888casino free spins in different modalities and that can be used in a great variety of slot machines, one of these modalities is By registration without deposit, it consists of a welcome bonus that is granted to the new players that register in the casino page and that they can use in the slots online without exceptional requirements of bets, from any device that has connection to Internet, between them mobile telephones, PC and tablets.

Responsible gambling

The games of chance are a means of entertainment whose objective is to provide distraction and amusement to the man, however, it is necessary to know how to play to avoid problems of addiction to the game, especially when it comes to betting with money. Entering the world of gambling requires responsibility and awareness, whether played physically or online.

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