The Pirates of the Caribbean Movies Ranked

By 30 September, 2021

While the Pirates of the Caribbean certainly brought a lot of hype once they first landed on the scene, there are quite a few instalments available now, meaning it is certainly a reasonable question to ask-which one is the best instalment and how do they rank combined? There is no doubt whatever series of the movie you prefer, our love for the eccentric Jack Sparrow never ends and will always remain-there is no doubt there at all. Watch the Pirates of the Caribbean adventures on 123movies.

So far, there are a total of 5 films within the franchise, some of them having our favourite couple- Will and Elisabeth, others with the beautiful Penelope Cruz. While many would agree the early movies are not on the same calibre as the later following films, it is believed that a new film could be on the cards. Perhaps that will redeem the movies to the first sequels and their glory? We already know that there are many Caribbean themed casino games that made a bomb and a killing due to the movie franchise though. With all that in mind, let’s get down to stacking up the movies against one another, shall we?

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

This movie features the pirate Blackbeard, who is a ruthless pirate and captain of Queen Anne’s Revenge. When the trailer of this film was released, many were super intrigued to see where Jack Sparrow’s adventures would tie into the action of this storyline. Sparrow was still the clumsy and crazy pirate he has always been, however somehow the movie did not light a spark in the hearts of fans as the earlier movies did. Even favourites like Barbossa who did not have nearly as much screen time as he should have done, was quite a disappointing loss to many Pirates and the Caribbean lovers unfortunately.

Many agree that the movie may have performed better if it had leveraged more of the lore of Ponce ship, within the main plot of the movie too, especially how the Fountain of Youth was tied up into that story too. It may have made things far more interesting and less flat, which the movie sadly happened to be.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Next in the Disney movie series, we have the latest instalment thus far, and many fans were super eager to see Jack Sparrow once again, no matter how disappointing the previous movie instalment actually was. It is the carefree attitude that makes watching Pirates of the Caribbean so good to watch. In addition to this, the movie introduces a sailor named Salazar, who happened to hunt down and dispose of pirates by attacking their fleet. So, this of course takes Jack down memory lane, when Jack comes acquainted with Salazar once again. We do see old favourites like Barbarossa again, however yet again not as much screen time as we would have liked. 

While the storyline was much better than the fourth instalment, somehow this performed a lot worse at the box office, which is kind of unexpected as this fifth movie was much better than the last!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

This movie is the second within the series, and while so many were excited for its release, we found this a little mediocre hence why it deserves a middle place spot within the list. We do see our old favourites such as Will, Elisabeth Turner, but we see new bad guys such as Lord Beckett and Davy Jones who both are as bad as each other in our opinion. 

Jack Sparrow is an ambitious man, as we all know. He was not only content with having the Black Pearl as his ship now, he wanted to be the captain of Davy Jones’ ship, the Flying Dutchman. While the movie is all about nabbing the heart of Davy Jones to do what you will of the ship, Will Turner needed the heart, to free his father from the slavery and work force of the Flying Dutchmen. So, the movie really does weave a good story line, even though it is not the ultimate favourite at the end of the day.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World End 

Since the second movie ended on a cliff-hanger, many anticipated this release massively and wanted to see what happens with the Black Pearl and Davy Jones Locker. Becket who managed to take the heart for himself, took the Flying Dutchmen as a way of destroying pirate ships at sea. We then see a return of Jack Sparrow, who was summoned by the courts, and this is where we see how cunning Jack can actually be in the end. He was able to fool both Davy Jones, Becket and the court, so he could ultimately take over the Flying Dutchman. We also see a plot and return of Barbarossa too, which made the plot more exhilarating and fun to watch in the end. This is definitely one of the best in the franchise.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl

What can take the place of the best movie in the entire series? The Black Pearl is everything pirate movies should be, exciting, mysterious and full of sword buckling action. This movie has no bad negative aspects to it whatsoever. It was perfect from start to finish, and it blew up the careers of many actors within this movie, such as Kiera Knightly, who was 19 in her first Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

What is so great about this movie is that Jack Sparrow is first mistaken for a pirate and a failed one at that. Once we realise that the black pearl was taken from him, you begin to support him and hold moral and space for him, hoping he manages to get it back. The entanglement of how Elisabeth and Will Turner come into Jack’s story, makes the movie all the better and captivating. While this movie has never been beaten by any of the instalments, we love how multiple gaming platforms got licenses to create the title into a game. Until this day, this is the most praised pirate movie within all of Hollywood. There are more film reviews on our website you can read, especially if you are looking for more movies around the North Atlantic Ocean.

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