The Popularity of Spanish-Speaking Songs Reduces Dominance of English Songs in LATAM Countries – Is Streaming Helping This?

By 20 October, 2022

If you look at music history in general, you will soon see that there is a huge crossover with the success of a lot of Latin musicians and streaming services. There are some iconic trailblazers out there who have been able to break through barriers and they happen to include Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Ricky Martin and even Gloria Estefan. That being said, major success, especially in the US, is relatively uncommon and it usually meant that people had to sing in English.

If you fast-forward to this day and age, you will soon see that the US has changed dramatically. There are now a lot of standouts, and this has helped music fans across the country to expand their knowledge regarding Latin music. In fact, if you look at Latin music, you will see that it is now the fastest-growing genre of music in the US and it is growing entirely due to streaming.

A Cultural Phenomenon in Streaming

The country is changing demographically, and it looks like Latin culture is a true extension of the US culture. It is finally being seen this way too. If you look at the popular trend in music, you will see that there are a lot of fusions of genres and there is a lot of collaboration between artists too. This helps to match the dynamics of Latin music as a whole. Lastly, it is important to look at how much streaming has been embraced. It has been embraced more than any other category of music out there. Latin music and the artists who support it have helped to harness a lot of connectivity and they have also been able to take advantage of streaming as well. If you look at how easy it is to stream, then you will soon see that this has helped quite a lot.

It’s Not Just Music That Has Benefitted from Streaming- Casinos Have too

In some countries the gambling age is different. A lot of people end up wonderinghow old do you have to be to gamble’? That being said, streaming has played a huge part in the rise of the online gambling world. If you look at how things work, you will soon find that people can now access the games that they want, whenever they want. This is great to say the least and it just goes to show how much things have changed. In the same way as music, this has helped games from different countries to span across the world, bringing more entertainment to those who want it.

The Expression of Music

So, what explains this kind of cultural phenomenon? We now know that music is often known for sitting at the vanguard of a cultural shift. It helps to reflect a lot of changes in society as well. There is an old expression that says music is somewhat universal. This is all being made possible through streaming as well. People may not be able to speak the same language across the world but at the end of the day, anyone has the ability to enjoy music.

If you look at music as a whole, you will soon see that boundaries are being broken all the time and some musicians are becoming global ambassadors too. This is helping to enrich not only art, but also culture. This is causing a huge shift to say the least and it is very interesting to see how things are going to continue to change in the future.

Accessibility of Music for a Worldwide Audience

Another thing to note is that music is now far more accessible than it ever has been. It is now easy for you to access the music you want with the click of a button, thanks to streaming services such as Spotify. You also have a lot of options when you look at sites such as YouTube as well. This is great because it just goes to show how things have evolved to meet the needs of the people and it also shows that a lot of work has gone into making sure that everyone is able to access a fair and open service when it comes to worldwide entertainment.

Only time will tell how the future is going to change but right now it looks like streaming is having a monumental part in online entertainment, and this could mean that there are some good things to come as time goes by.

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