The Return of South American Football?

By 17 June, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that normal life has ground to a halt and sport has been all but cancelled. Improvements continue to be made and this is now finally starting to change. The UFC have returned with numerous shows and now many different football leagues are returning. The Bundesliga in Germany was the first and it has proven to be a great success, despite no spectators in attendance at the grounds. Now the La Liga in Spain and the Premier league in the UK have both returned, alongside the Serie. It has led to fans looking for the best betting apps, in order to support their teams in their returns for success. This is all positive news for world-wide football but the big question many are now asking is when and even if will South American football return?

South America are several weeks and even months behind many areas of Europe when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, so it is little surprise that they are behind in returning with sport. Many are currently badly affected, with numbers continuing to rise in Latin America. You only have to look at Brazil for example, who have now surpassed 610,000 cases, which is the second highest in the world. Other areas such as Mexico, Chile and Peru, to name just a few, are also in the midst of major outbreaks, in what is now the epicentre of the virus at present. Latin America is also now believed to have far surpassed the 100,000 death mark, with Ecuador also proving a hotspot for the virus.

But in some areas it does appear to be improving and Paraguay are set to be the first South American league to return. They will restart the season on July 17th, which shows there early steps have paid off. They had started playing behind closed doors, while many other Latin American countries continued, despite the rising threat of the coronavirus pandemic. Paraguay have still had very little confirmed cases of deaths, and it is still believed to be in the region of 11. That shows they have this under control and are able to return with professional football and other sports.

There are now many potential projects being looked at in order for sport to return in many countries. An idea that has continued to be voiced is to play all remaining fixtures in one city, with Peru at the forefront of this push at present. This is also something that was being looked at for sports in the US. It now set’s up for an interesting period ahead, and hopefully improvements can be made and we see a return of football and sport in all areas across Latin America.

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