Tips to Pack Extra Light for Your Latin American Vacation

By 24 November, 2021

You’re headed south of the border to Latin America. If you’re traveling through Central and South America, you’re going to be moving through a variety of climates and need to be prepared. Take a look at this extra light packing list to prepare for your upcoming adventure.


Knowing what clothes to pack is the trickiest part. You need to know what the weather is going to be like, if you need comfy or formal clothes and if you have any cultural restrictions. For the most part, Latin America has a tropical climate and is fairly informal. This means you should pack light layers and clothes that serve multiple purposes.

For example, pack lightweight long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts that can layer on top of each other. Even though they’re a bit dorky, you also may want to buy zip-off pants for when you’re hiking in the rainforest or mountains. The tropical climate throughout this area tends to be cool in the morning and evenings and warm during the afternoon, so you need clothes that you can remove throughout the day. You also need to pack a rain jacket because you are sure to encounter afternoon storms. If you plan to go into the Andes or other mountainous areas, you should pack warmer clothes, such as sweaters you can layer and a warm jacket. To keep your packing light, choose neutral colors so all of your items match each other and can be worn multiple times without repeating the exact same outfit.


Don’t overthink it when it comes to packing shoes. Wear a comfortable pair of tennis shoes on the plain that you can do plenty of walking in. You also should pack a pair of hiking boots if you plan to go to Machu Picchu or other mountainous areas so you can walk all day without getting blisters or your feet wet. If you really want, pack a pair of casual, comfortable shoes for times when you’re not in nature or doing a lot of walking.


Stick to your most basic toiletry kit for your Latin American vacation. You need shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant and face wash just like you do on a normal day. If you don’t want to go without any makeup, pack only the essentials. Chances are you’re going to be outside and being active throughout the day, so you don’t need heavy makeup. Some of the only special items you need are bug spray (mosquitoes are rampant in a tropical climate) and any medications your doctor recommends for the area you’re traveling to (such as malaria pills).


You’re traveling to experience something new and broaden your horizons, so don’t bog yourself down with electronic devices, after all you will need some good kit to enjoy your online casino australia options. Your iPhone can do pretty much any function you need, including holding your plane tickets and important numbers when you get to your destination. You can read e-books, watch downloaded movies and listen to music on the plane. The iPhone 8 also has a 12-megapixel camera to help you capture the beautiful landscapes, colorful rainforest flora and fauna and adorable animals you’ll see. Plus, if you have a carrier like T-Mobile, you have phone, texts and data in most countries so you don’t have to worry about hefty fees.

You’re going to have the trip of a lifetime in Latin America. Lighten your load by only packing what’s necessary so you have more time (and money) to spend enjoying your journey.

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