Top 3 Argentinian Films You Should Not Miss

By 05 July, 2024

We decided to make a selection of the most interesting Argentine films for every taste, which will definitely not leave you indifferent. These films will not just help you while away your next holiday evening; By watching these films you can truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite country and feel its spirit through the amazing acting, because all the films take place in Argentine cities. We assure you; You won’t be bored with any of the films listed in the selection! Here you will definitely find your favorite genre, from melodrama to thriller.

In the meantime, we suggest that you do not hesitate and start getting acquainted with the wonderful world of Argentine cinema as soon as possible, and we will help you with this! Enjoy watching!

1. “Treason is not considered” (“Permitidos”, 2016)

The main characters of the film, Camila and Mateo, are an ordinary married couple. They have been living together for eight years. As fun, each of them chooses one celebrity with whom he can spend the night, and this act will not be considered cheating and a reason for divorce. All this would have remained a funny joke, but the main characters of the film had no idea that they would meet their idols so soon…

This comedy is very suitable for two. The exciting plot of the comedy will definitely not let you get bored. In addition, the plot is based on a very burning and pressing issue, so if you wish, you can discuss it with your significant other or in the company of friends.

2. “At the end of the tunnel” (“Al final del túnel”, 2016)

The story takes place in Buenos Aires. This film is suitable for all fans of crime and thrillers. The main storyline involves a gang of robbers who decide to rob a bank. This time, the members of the group decide to carry out their plans in a very sophisticated way; dig a tunnel to the bank under the house of wheelchair user Joaquin. To distract the attention of the main character, they place a woman and her daughter in his place, who act as a kind of guide to the criminals. Soon the main character learns about the gang’s plans, but he is in no hurry to hand over the bandits to the police, because who knows, maybe he will be able to snatch something from the criminals’ loot…

If you like to tickle your nerves, then this film is definitely for you. Throughout the entire plot, he will not let you relax for a second. Also, the film is suitable for fans of psychological drama; It will be interesting for you to observe the feelings of a person, broken by life’s circumstances, but who has not lost hope, clutching at any straw that life hands him. This movie actually has it all; crime, thriller, romance and deep psychological meaning. One of the hidden conclusions of this film can be formulated as even if a person experienced a collapse and lost everything that he once had, he still has the right to life and happiness, even while in a wheelchair.

Interesting Facts: The film won Best Film at the 2017 Seattle International Film Festival. Both Argentine and Spanish film companies participated in the production. The script for the film was developed over the course of five years. The main female role in the film is played by the Spanish actress Clara Lago, while her heroine spoke Rioplatan Spanish, which had some specific accent. According to director Rodrigo Grande, Clara arrived for filming two weeks in advance and, after studying with a tutor for only four days, she practically mastered Argentine Spanish on her own. What is not the motivation for learning Rioplatan?

3. “Heroic Losers” (“La odisea de los giles”, 2019)

The film takes place in one of the provincial Argentine cities. A group of friends decides to organize a cooperative for processing agricultural products. Their idea requires a certain amount of money. Having collected part of the funds, they put them in the bank, hoping to get a loan for the remaining amount, but unfortunately for them, the next day a financial crisis occurs in the country and all their funds are lost. Soon the desperate comrades learn that lawyer Manzi had exchanged all his pesos for dollars the day before, using insider information, and then a plan for revenge is born in their heads. They decide to take their money back from Manzi at any cost, but to do this they will have to work hard; The lawyer’s money is kept in an underground bunker connected to an alarm…

This film can be watched by the whole family (age restrictions are 12+). First-class acting, a light plot, dynamic events taking place against the backdrop of beautiful Argentinian landscapes… All this together will make your movie evening unforgettable. The plot of the film will be understandable to everyone, since all events take place with ordinary people of retirement and pre-retirement age who live in every country. Many of the viewers will understand the despair and indignation of the characters over the loss of money, and their comical desire to take revenge on the offender.

Interesting facts: 2019 – participation in the competition program of the San Sebastian Film Festival; 2019 – participation in the competition program of the Havana Film Festival; 2020 – Goya Award for Best Latin American Film; 2020 – Nominated for the Ariel Award for Best Latin American Film.
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