Top 5 Best Latin American Body-Positive TV Shows to Stream on Netflix With Your SO

By 25 July, 2022

Compatability is a key aspect of modern dating. Matchmaking websites make this process easy, and many are also focused on body positivity. You might be keen to connect with a plus-sized single who also adores Latin American TV shows. Algorithms will help track down others who seem ideal matches due to shared interests. You can also consult reviews of the best BBW hookup sites to search for the most appropriate service. After checking out these reviews and signing up, you’ll find it easy to connect. You could enjoy flirty chats about the best body-positive Latin American Netflix shows for your first date? Check out our choices.

The House of Flowers

‘La Casa de las Flores,’ an uplifting Mexican black comedy, has now been running for three successful seasons. The storyline involves a rich but dysfunctional family that owns the titular floristry shop, and also a struggling cabaret act sharing that title. As well as interweaving plots, it satirizes the mostly Latino genre of ‘telenovela,’ a style of garish TV soap operas popular throughout the Hispanic world. But the shows have gained considerable attention for their inclusive cast. Body positivity is a core issue, along with homophobia and transphobia, with many plus-sized and LGBT characters. If you and your SO can’t get enough of the TV shows, there’s also a full-length movie version out on Netflix.


Why should a dystopian science-fiction thriller feature in our list of body-positive TV shows? Easy. Sci-Fi might deal with fantasy scenarios, often set far into the future, or on exotic distant planets, but the stories are always grounded in the here and now, reflecting our lives in the world today. This Brazilian feature is Netflix’s first in the Portuguese language, and it deals with a chilling scenario: the 3% are the successful candidates who manage to escape poverty to advance to an affluent offshore society. Body positivity is only one issue these characters have to deal with – the more duplicitous individuals will use this and many other factors to try and outwit the 97% who fail.


Sintonia is a teen drama set in São Paulo, in a fraught neighborhood where Rita, Nando, and Doni grow up having to deal with everything from overbearing religious figures to drug traffickers. It might be aimed at teens, but it doesn’t flinch from facing important adulthood issues face on, such as bullying and exploitation, and it also presents body positivity in a world where your looks are of little concern – it’s actions that count.

The Chosen One

If you’re looking for a Netflix show with a different slant on body positivity, this Brazilian show about a clash between doctors and a mysterious faith healer will have you and your SO on the edge of your seats. The storyline centers around a vaccine the medical professionals wish to take into the remote wetlands of the Pantanal, but they are also drawn into a mysterious cult. Again, what people look like is never an issue, this faith healer is out to get his way whether his disciples are plus-sized or not.

Orange Is the New Black

OITNB has been consistently praised by critics and fans praise since its 2013 release. Centered on life inside a US female prison, one of its strengths is its portrayal of strong women – they might have been incarcerated for reasons, but they are complex, identifiable characters. Body positivity, along with gender identity, sexism and racism are all topics that are regularly tackled. There are many Latin Americans inside Litchfield prison, and the writers have deconstructed the Latino mother figure stereotype, portraying characters like Aleida (Elizabeth Rodriguez), Gloria (Selenis Leyva), and Daya (Dascha Polanco) as three-dimensional and flawed – people viewers can empathize with.

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