Top-notch Latin American films that you need to watch!

By 17 June, 2021

When it comes to foreign films, Latina American films come into the mind at the last, but they have some of the most incredible and enjoyable movies ever produced. There are several online platforms where you can watch these movies, and if you don’t have enough money, you can visit the bitcoin profit system and make some money. Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency that allows you to make transactions all over the world. It also the most valuable cryptocurrency and has a massive market value. Some of the most incredible Latin American films that you must watch are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

The Rose Seller

The Rose Seller will surely be included in the list when it comes to the most interesting Latin American Films. It is an epic movie that depicts the story of a beautiful young girl who grew up in a backward and underdeveloped area of Medellin, Monica. She worked hard to earn her bread and butter, and for that, she sold flowers to the couples, which is why the movie is titled ‘The Rose Seller’ as the story revolves around that girl. The film is about her relationship with a 10-year-old boy Andrea. The film is also a bit inspired by the story written by Hans Christian Andersen. The film was so heart-touching that it got nominated for the Palm D’or in Cannes Film Festival in the year 1998.

Silent light

It is a fantastic film directed by one of the top directors from Mexico, Carlos Renegades. It is titled Luz Silenciosa in Mexican. It has a bit slow but interesting story of a man who is married, but he fells for another woman. The film is totally a masterpiece and is perfect in all terms such as direction, acting, scenes, etc. The proof of its excellence is that it got the Jury Prize in the Cannes Film Festival and was ranked in several top ten lists through the year of its release, which was 2007.

Central Station

Walter Salles is one of the greatest Latin American directors. His career in Hollywood may not be that impressive, but the movies he made in Brazil are out of this world. There are several amazing films made by him, and one of them is Central Station. It depicted the bond of friendship between a middle-aged schoolteacher and a young boy. It won the golden globe award for its soul-touching story and the amazing work of actors. The film and the lead actress in it were nominated for the Best Actress and the Best Foreign Language Film in the Oscars.

The Exterminating Angel

If you are fond of Latin American films, you cannot miss that at any cost. It is a unique film that has a story of a group of upper-class people attending a meeting. They find it impossible to leave, and as time passes, they start to adapt to the lifestyle of animals. It is considered to be one of the best works of Bunuel and is produced by her husband Gustavo Alatriste, with the lead role played by Silvia Pinal.

The place without limits

The place without limits is a film that shows the story of a small town, and it is inspired by the novel written by Juan Donoso. It is a story of a daughter and his mother who is a transvestite. They both run a brother, which is controlled by the local chieftain. The film is an integral part of the Mexican Culture and is considered to one of the best and most popular films made in the history of Mexico.


This Mexican film is a story of a nun who visits his uncle before taking her final vows. When she visits her uncle, he realises that she looks quite identical to his wife, who has passed away. It is one of the best works of Bunuel, but it was banned in Spain for its controversial portrayal of the catholic tradition and culture.

A place in the world

It is a film made in 1992 after the death of President of Argentina Juan Domingo Peron, and it was set in 1974. Its story is about a geological engineer who visits a village in Argentina with a plan to build a hydroelectric plant. It initially got a nomination for the Oscar award in the category of the best foreign-language film but was later disqualified.

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