Types of South American Music Profession

By 12 April, 2019

South America has a rich history and cultural heritage when it comes to music. Latin music, for example, is some of the most recognized and vibrant around the world. Currently, in the music industry, many well-known artists are instilling a sense of South American and Latin vibes into their hit songs. If you have a passion for music then this is the right continent.

South America is bursting with opportunities – there is a myriad of different professions available for those who want to be part of the music industry. From managers and performers to journalists and teachers – there is something for everyone. In the below text we look at some of the different professions available:

1. Artist Management

If you don’t fancy yourself as an actual singer but want to be involved directly in making tracks, why not look at artist management? Many South American countries have waves of young and promising artists requiring management. This is a great way to combine both musical and business talent and build up a network of connections within the industry.

2. Project Manager

South America excels at concerts and festivals. Why would you expect any less from this vibrant and colorful continent? Maybe you fancy yourself as a project manager? Someone who helps organize huge arts events across different countries. There is so much opportunity to gain entry into this type of work – you can find festivals and events to work out throughout the year such as Lollapalooza, Storyland, Rock in Rio and Ultra Brazil.

3. Performing Arts Teacher

Music and the performing arts is an important part of education in South American schools. Becoming a performing arts teacher can help develop your own knowledge of dance and sounds. It can also give you the chance to educate others and share your love of the arts with younger generations. Many universities in South America provide music degrees and there are specialist music schools too.

4. Music Teacher

Teaching Latin music to children can bring such joy. Educational establishments such as the Municipal Conservatory of Guarulhos in Brazil and the Gilardo Gilardi Conservatory in Argentina provide music classes and education. You can easily develop your own skills of singing or playing an instrument and then go on to become a fully qualified teacher.

5. Music Journalism

Maybe you have a passion for writing and finding the latest artistic stories? Why not send off your CraftResumes and become a journalist? There is a huge array of highly rated Latin arts magazines and news sites that create regular content about South American arts. Sites such as LBMO, Remezcla, and Zona Latina are all highly regarded. Could you see yourself investigating the latest South American musical trends and interviewing artists?

6. Session Singer

If you have a beautiful voice and want to start sharing it with the world, why not become a session singer? With Latin styles thriving, there is plenty of opportunities to become a freelance singer and lend your vocals to anything from soundtracks and jingles to records and adverts.

As you can see, there is so much to get your teeth into! No matter what type of musical career you want to peruse, South America has it covered. Countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay are bursting with possibilities.

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