Useful Tips for Buying Cannabis Products in Latin America

By 29 November, 2021

Latin America is a continent where the use and production of weed has been decriminalized, and it’s an interesting place to visit in terms of exploring this budding market. Learn more about what you need to know before you arrive, how much weed costs in the region and what type of tourist experience this destination offers people who want to sample some legally grown marijuana! 

Where Can You Find THC Gummy Bears?

In most American states with legal weed, you can find cannabis gummy bears at dispensaries that have been legally authorized to sell medical marijuana. In many cases, you’ll be able to find a variety of delicious flavors a delta 8 gummie has to offer, including cherry and chocolate. Most dispensaries also sell other forms of cannabis products, such as hash oil and even extracts made from the plant. However, Latin America is a region where you can find THC gummy bears at select locations. If you’re looking for THC gummy bears in Latin America, your best bet is Mexico. These products are currently the only legal cannabis-derived food product on the market. Although they aren’t quite as popular there as they are in Europe and North America, these sweets remain an interesting novelty that can be found at many of the region’s dispensaries or at dedicated candy shops. 

The Price of Weed Products in Latin America

Although rules surrounding weed are still strict in most countries throughout Latin America, the prices for weed products are surprisingly expensive compared to what you might pay in North America or Europe. In Colombia, weed products sell for almost double the price that they do within the United States. For example, one gram of high-quality marijuana costs about $6 or 7, while an eighth ounce goes for roughly $40 to 50. On the other hand, the price of weed products in Mexico is around half of what you’ll pay in Colombia. One gram might sell for about $3 to 5, while an ounce goes for anywhere from $100 to 160. Although the prices are high, they are lower than most people would expect them to be. This makes weed accessible to more people throughout Latin America.

Are There Tourist Cannabis Tours?

Depending on where you go within Latin America, it may be possible for you to book a tourist cannabis tour. Usually, these tours are similar to standard brewery or winery tours that take place across North America and Europe, but instead of sampling beers or wines, tourists can sample some top-quality marijuana instead! Depending on where stay during your visit, it might be possible to make arrangements with local people who are involved with weed farming or distribution. These individuals might be interested in organizing something for you if they know that you are a tourist eager to learn more about the cannabis market.

Image by Elsa Olofsson

If you want to buy cannabis products in Latin America, it may be a little more difficult than buying them at home. However, there are still some options available for those who wish to experience the novelty of legally grown weed as well as learn about this booming industry without breaking any laws. In many cases, tourists can take part in tourist tours that offer an opportunity to sample different types of marijuana and speak with locals interested in cultivating or distributing pot-related goods. We hope this article has been useful and wish you the best of luck as you make plans for your next vacation!

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