What is the Gambling Culture of South America?

By 14 August, 2019

The continent of South America is widely known for its rich culture. Languages, art, music and cuisine form the majority of interests for South American people, who are predominantly Roman Catholics.

When looking deeper into the recreational sector of the continent it is also easy to see a clear gambling culture, that, like all other aspects of society, has evolved technologically, and increased in popularity, not surprising considering some of the betting odds you can get.

South America has long held some of the most lenient gambling laws, and due to this casino’s have always thrived. Argentina’s tally of 80 casinos is the highest in the continent and one of the largest totals in the world, and with Brazil and Chile trailing just behind, the demand for gambling in the continent is staggering.

To match this demand, technology companies are working hard to continue to provide innovative gambling products. Gradually moving away from traditional table games such as Roulette and Blackjack, casino gaming machines such as slot machines and pokies are now the most popular choice for South American’s to have a flutter on. However, there are few sites that act as a guide for players looking to play these games such as https://www.newzealandbetting.io/.

The main attractions to these gaming machines are the speed of play, and variety of games, with ‘pokies’ in particular giving gamblers the opportunity to win huge amounts of money from small stakes. The social nature of South American gambling means the gaming machines are often packed with groups of friends looking for the next big win.

Following on from the revolution of casino gaming machines, it will be fascinating to see how the new ‘mobile way’ to gamble will affect the South American gambling culture. With pokies games, roulette and sports betting becoming ever increasingly available on laptops and mobiles, more and more people are being pushed away from sociable casinos and encouraged to bet at home.

Whilst this hasn’t quite lifted off in South America as it has done in other continents, statistical trends suggest it is beginning to occur, and developing technologies dictate that a change will inevitably happen.

How the technology companies manage to keep gambling at home and on the move a social event, will play a huge role in the future strength of South American gambling culture.

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