Why Latin American Themes are Increasingly Popular in the iGaming Industry

By 13 May, 2019

The sights and sounds of Latin American culture have always been revered in the entertainment industry, whether it’s music that touches the soul, film that stirs passions or even video gaming that harks back to milestone moments in the history of South America. Therefore, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the burgeoning iGaming industry, with its raft of online casino operators offering video slots and table games of all themes and types, has rapidly latched onto Latin America for its engaging, immersive themes that can be accurately replicated on-screen.

We wanted to test the way and discover which Latin American themes and cultures are resonating most among iGamers around the world, so we logged on to play online slots at Lucky Pants Bingo to see how many South American-themed slots they had in their portfolio of more than 500 titles.

Shaman culture and its evolution into Amazonia

Shamanism is a practice that has been used for centuries to help people reach altered states of consciousness and attempt to interact with the spirit world. A shaman is an individual that is perceived to have access to, and the ability to influence, the spirit world. Although the culture of shamanism originated in North Asia, it quickly took hold in South America too.

In Amazonia, the Peruvian basin was home to spiritual healers known as curanderos. There are also Peruvians known as ayahuasqueros, who are deemed to be skilled in the art of ayahuasca. These people have become synonymous with western spiritualists, claiming that ayahuasca methods have saved them from addiction, depression and even illnesses such as cancer. The Guardian says the ayahuasca industry is booming, even in the present day.

The mystical spirituality of shamanism has seen the iGaming industry latch on with two slot titles, Shaman’s Dream and Shaman Spirit welcoming players into a mysterious world. The reels are packed with symbols that remind players of the spiritualism that prevailed in the Amazonian and Native American eras.

The might of the Aztec Empire

Image: Pixabay

The Aztec Empire was centred around the might of three city-states, Texcoco, Mexico-Tenochtitlan and Tlacopan. This fascinating alliance waged wars of conquest and sought to expand rapidly after its formation. At the peak of its dominance, the Aztec Empire oversaw much of central Mexico, along with several territories in Mesoamerica.

Today, the Aztec Empire is just as well-known as it has ever been, despite the fact it vanished centuries ago. The governance of the Aztec Empire would eventually influence and inspire future democracies. The Aztec emperor did not rule every Aztec city-state directly. Instead, it introduced local governments that would keep the local people engaged; in much the same way as modern-day democracies in the UK and US.

The might of the Aztec Empire has also influenced some of the leading video slots in the iGaming industry. Aztec Idols, Aztec Rising and Aztec Warrior Princess are all inspired by the empire. With the slots designed in the backdrop of Aztec temples, with soothing flute music in the background, iGaming software developers have tried hard to depict what life was like in central Mexico some 600 years ago.

Not unlike their offline counterparts, it’s not unusual for online slots games to take on different guises and themes based on what’s popular. The fact that Latin American themes appear prominently in this industry is testament to how the world is still fascinated by our cultural heritage.

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