Winning Big to the Beat: Exploring the Surge of Online Casinos Across Latin America and the Caribbean

By 13 February, 2024

Latin America’s burgeoning online gaming scene, fueled by a passion for sports betting and a population of over 670 million, is attracting major casinos and game developers. This marks a new era for a region with deep gambling traditions now transitioning into the digital space, contrasting with the established online gambling sectors in the USA and Europe.

What’s Hot in LATAM Gaming?

LATAM’s gaming industry is thriving, with leading companies like Betsson and NetEnt delivering premier games, and nations such as Brazil and Mexico demonstrating significant online activity.

Booming Growth

From 2010 to 2024, the casino industry in Latin America and the Caribbean has seen continuous growth, with both traditional land-based and online casinos thriving, particularly the online sector experiencing rapid expansion.

This boom hints at a future where the dice keep rolling and the virtual slots keep spinning, painting a picture of a region where “Alea iacta est” – the die is cast – towards a bustling, digital-first gambling arena.

What Spins Latin Reels

Latin America’s gambling scene is a mosaic. Some places are opening their doors wide to online gambling, while others are tiptoeing around the idea. It’s a fascinating time for bettors and businesses alike, with new markets popping up and the old ones getting a makeover.

Game Preferences

What a surprise, Latinos like to play the very same games the whole world does! Well, jokes aside, popular casino games are popular for a reason. Let’s take a look at the most played ones at LATAM online casinos by 2024.

Sports BettingFootball is revered, making sports betting, from football to volleyball and motorsports, a major activity, reflecting Latin America’s passion for sports.
Casino ClassicsSlots and table games form the core of the casino industry, providing exciting win opportunities and classic casino allure.
Fish GamesA fresh face in the gaming scene, fish games blend slots’ excitement with action-packed gameplay, catching the eye of players across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru
Lottery and BingoFor those who love the simple pleasure of gambling, these games remain a hit for their ease of play and instant fun


The stage is set for explosive growth in LATAM’s iGaming market, thanks to a massive population eager for entertainment, a rising middle class with cash to spend, and a deep-rooted love for gambling and sports.

  • Mobiles everywhere. With smartphones ubiquitous, there’s a vast playground for operators to deliver games tailored to the mobile lifestyles of players across Latin America and the Caribbean. To tap into this market, consider exploring the Fair go mobile App. Designed for seamless access to a variety of casino games and betting options, it ensures entertainment on the go for players in the region. 
  • Esports excitement. The digital sports arena is heating up, with more fans getting into League of Legends and Dota 2, opening new avenues for esports betting and gaming.
  • Crypto boom. The region’s warming up to crypto, making it a sweet spot for casinos that want to tap into the growing market of digital currency enthusiasts.

Geography of Online Casinos in Latin America

In the past decade, LatAm and the Caribbean have experienced a boom in online gambling, highlighted by American companies like Rush Street Interactive entering Colombia in 2018 with RushBet, introducing Vegas glamour and establishing the region as a hub for online betting.

ArgentinaProvinces like Buenos Aires and Misiones have legalized and regulated online gambling​. Online gambling tax increased from 2% to 5% in 2021
BrazilLegal. No nationwide regulation, sports betting legal since 2018.Government working on stronger regulations to control casinos and bookmakers​
BoliviaLand-based gambling is allowed, online gambling is technically illegal but not prosecuted.Control over online gambling was tightened in 2023​
EcuadorAll gambling banned since 2011. Ban still in place despite calls for legalization​
CuracaoOffers e-gaming license, known for casino-friendly regulations with less robust player protection.E-gaming license used by many online casinos globally. 

​​​​Each country in this colorful region dances to its own rhythm, especially when it comes to online gambling laws. So, let’s see what’s cooking in the major LatAm hotspots.


This country is passionate about sports betting, especially soccer, while online slots and live dealer games grow in popularity, notably with platforms like EstrelaBet. New regulations since May 2022 simplify operator entry with 5-year licenses.

Jamaica and the Dominican Republic

Jamaica and the Dominican Republic are emerging as prime destinations for gaming enthusiasts, with Jamaica legalizing land-based casinos and the Dominican Republic offering diverse gambling options for all types of players.


Curacao is becoming a major player in the online casino industry with its attractive e-gaming license, drawing casinos worldwide due to relaxed regulations. However, players should seek casinos with additional licenses for extra security. Curacao is facilitating the entry of casino startups into the global market.


In markets like Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, iGaming holds great potential, with governments exploring entry into the industry. Success hinges on adapting to local cultures and languages, though challenges like complex payment systems and diverse legal approaches to online gambling add complexity.

Balance Between Economics and Healthy Gaming

LatAm’s online gambling surge benefits the economy beyond entertainment, generating significant tax revenues, creating jobs, attracting international investments, and bolstering tourism with each new casino launch.

Casinos focus on profit but prioritize responsible gaming to combat addiction and ensure safety. Laws are being crafted to align financial success with ethical standards, striving for a future where online betting is both economically robust and socially responsible.

The game plan is clear: “Aurea mediocritas” – the golden mean, finding that sweet spot between fun and responsibility, profit and well-being.


Latin America and the Caribbean are excelling in the online casino industry, emphasizing regulatory practices that encourage growth and responsible gaming. Beyond just profits, the focus is on creating a balanced mix of technology, fun, and fairness. The aim is to secure both immediate and long-term benefits for all, from players to communities, mirroring the lively spirit of a Rio carnival.

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