By 25 March, 2016

The opening shot of this documentary is of a man in an oxygen mask. It then cuts to the statue of Columbus standing atop his column on the Barcelona seafront, extending a digit in the direction of the... Read Article

Carmen Rosa: The Fearless Cholita Wrestler

By 07 July, 2015

The indigenous Aymara people have been discriminated against since colonial times and make up the second largest ethnic group In Bolivia. The Aymara’s knowledge of the land, ability to adapt to modernisation, and extensive trading networks have ensured... Read Article

REVIEW Giovani Cidreira – Giovani Cidreira EP

By 05 March, 2015

Equipped only with a guitar and some raw versions of his compositions, Giovani Cidreira’s new EP is somewhat of a culmination of his partnership with Maicon Charles (drummer) and Dinho Castilho (bass). Released back in November 2014 and... Read Article