6 Ways to Learn Spanish in Latin America

By 29 November, 2016

From the icy tip of Patagonia to the parched plateaus of Mexico, Latin American Spanish varies dramatically from one country to another. Wherever you travel in Latin America, navigating public transport and deciphering menus can be a minefield,... Read Article

Cultural Memory in the Americas: Immemorial

By 05 April, 2016

Immemorial is a new film-in-the-making about the natural environments of the Americas and the cultural memory of its people. As an audiovisual journey through the minds and landscapes of two continents, the film uses a rather poetic approach—even... Read Article


By 25 March, 2016

The opening shot of this documentary is of a man in an oxygen mask. It then cuts to the statue of Columbus standing atop his column on the Barcelona seafront, extending a digit in the direction of the... Read Article